Woodville Community Trails


Woodville Community Trails

I have been to the Woodville hiking trails several times and each time I go, it keeps getting better and better! The community association has done a ton of work on the trails – making them accessible during all seasons.
They are also well signposted now, too!

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To get to the trails, follow Route 221 towards Berwick. Woodville is “back of” Cambridge. There are two entrances and parking lots – one on either side of the woodlot.

One entrance is on Bligh Road, and the other on Burgess Mountain Road. To get here take Bligh Road north at the flashing light in Woodville off of highway 221. The road will have two sharp turns and the trail head will be about 600 m from there on your right. You may park along the side of the dirt road. Partial maps are found here.

The other entrance is off Burgess Mountain Road.


Plot your route

These Kings County Trails are approximately 10 km long over privately owned land and are open year round.

It will take you approximately three hours to complete all of these interconnecting loop. The outer loop is 6 km long and the inner loop is 4 km long.


The trail travels along the side of the North Mountain and up to an elevation of 700 feet. During the trail you will go through mixed forest, a Christmas tree farm, by a waterfall, and to a look off with a picnic table.

When we go, we plot a simple loop (1-2km), but most recently went to see the waterfall (which was mostly frozen in the winter).


This trail was completed by following a combinations of various other trails that are all well sign posted. However, it is VITAL that you print off a copy of the map to take with you.


It is easy to get turned around. Each of the sections is labelled, but it doesn’t tell you how to get where. Plot your route, and follow the map. It’s easy.

The course is a bit rough underfoot and icy in the winter. There are spots (especially near the waterfall) with steep cliffs.


Our boys (6&8) were fine with the trails, but it might be a bit too much for active younger ones who might stray to the edge. If this is the case, just stick to an inner loop!


Most of the hikes are on the edge of the mountain, so can involve some climbing (not steep but steady).


There is a great look-off trail with a great view of the Valley!

IMG_7672 IMG_7679


The Woodville trails are definitely worth checking out. You’ll want to keep going back and exploring different routes in different seasons!



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