Windsor Playland Safari

Windsor Playland Safari


It has been a tradition for the last 5 years. Every year on July 16, on my son’s birthday, we go to the Windsor Playland waterslide!

Windsor Playland Safari is in Windsor behind the exhibition grounds at exit 5 from the 101. You can see it from the highway as you drive by. It’s definitely worth a visit!


There are 4 main activities on site

Mini Golf


Go Karts

Go-Karts with “Fast Karts” offer 5 lap and 10 lap options. Regular Karts provide 5 laps.


Remote Control Cars

RC Car Track and RC Car rentals are now available at the Windsor Playland Safari!



The best part, though, is the waterslide! That’s actually all we have ever done there!


You can purchase tickets for individual slides, but the best option is to go for unlimited rides with a bracelet.

Kids love this waterslide because it is the tallest one around, and the water is warm at the bottom. The water is deep with a fast current at the bottom, so be aware if you need to catch your child at the bottom.

Also, adults and children are often allowed to go together, so if you have a nervous child, you can go down with them.

There are no height restrictions for the waterslide. Lifejackets are available and a lifeguard is on duty.

The park is open from 10am to 6pm daily. Sometimes, the waterslide just opens at noon, so phone ahead to find out.



Windsor Playland Safari now offers debit, visa and MasterCard as payment options and a full canteen on site.


Read more about other waterslides in the Valley in my Advertiser column!

Also on site are a few picnic tables with shade.


And a mini play space.



Cool off this summer at the Windsor Playland Safari!






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