White Rock Community Trail

White Rock Community Walking Trail

“This trail is for exercise and relaxation.”
With a sign like that, doesn’t that make you just want to go?


I first learned about this new walking trail in White Rock through the Gaspereau Gazette Community newsletter.

It sounded so lovely, and was built all by volunteers, so we knew we just had to try it out for ourselves!
We enlisted the help of some family members who live near to the trail to help us try it out.

About the trail

To make the trail there was $15,000 worth of in-kind materials, labour and machinery was provided by community members who worked together to make the walking trail a reality.


The White Rock Community Trail is located on approximately 10 acres behind the White Rock Community Centre.


The trail is a figure-8 shape and is an easy walk suitable for people of all ages any levels of fitness.
The groomed trail has a gravel surface and is relatively level ground.

No motorized vehicles are permitted and all dogs must be on a leash. (pet pickup expected).
The trail is open from sunup to sundown, 365 days of the year.

The quiet walk takes about 25 minutes.

Our Experience

We headed to the White Rock trail with 5 kids aged 3 to 9.

The trail head is at the back of the parking lot, and very well signposted. There are two entrances, as the trail is a loop, so it doesn’t matter which way you begin.

Although there is no map of the trails, it’s very easy to figure out.

The main part of the trail has crushed gravel.
This makes the trail stroller-friendly and accessible.

If you stayed solely on this crushed gravel trail, you could easily loop around in about 10 minutes.
However, we decided to take the newer part of the figure-8 trail.
When the paths divided, we followed the arrows. Each arrow is numbered, so as you progress through the numbers, you know you are going the right way.

These “off shoot” paths are not graveled (yet) but are vividly marked with blue hunting tape.

Parts of the trail were a bit steep,


but our 3 year old cousin had no trouble once someone held her hand.

The trail weaves and winds through the woods, and along the White Rock River canal. It’s a beautiful setting that definitely provides exercise and relaxation!

By doing the extra figure-8 loops, we were able to do the trail in about 20 minutes.


Winter Snowshoeing

This trail is perfect for snowshoeing.


We did the outer loop (as we did in the fall) and my Fitbit says it was 1.2km, and it took us 30minutes to snowshoe. The perfect length for going with kids!

Because you can’t see the gravel paths, follow the blue ribbons


Or, the numbers and arrows on the trees. It’s extremely well laid out and organized!


The trail really is a winter wonderland and should be enjoyed in all seasons.


See if you can find the bottle tree!


You can book the trail for events such as family reunions and picnics, field outings, etc. For more information contact wrca4wrcc@gmail.com.


The trail is located behind the White Rock Community Centre.



1542 White Rock Road

This is a trail to keep your eye on and visit often as changes develop and the seasons change.

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  1. caron p hyland
    caron p hyland says:

    Hi , I am looking to photograph the Red Trillium, I was told they occur along White Rock Trail….has anyone seen them here
    Much appreciated
    thank you

    • ValleyFamilyFun
      ValleyFamilyFun says:

      I am not sure about that trail, but I have been out in the woods a lot lately and have seen quite a lot of other places with trilliums! Good luck!

  2. Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy says:

    Sadly, this trail system has begun to become overgrown due to lack of use. Grass and brambles have begun to grow up through the gravel trailways, and if it is not kept groomed or does not get heavier use, it may become another forgotten system soon.


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