Waiting for a delayed flight from SeaTac airport

Waiting for a delayed flight from SeaTac airport

Waiting for a delayed flight from SeaTac airport

Waiting for a delayed flight from SeaTac airport 

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Guest writer writes… 

Getting stuck at the airport is one of the most confusing situations one can ever find oneself in. On one hand, you are scared of leaving the airport just in case your flight is called in and on the other hand, you must find creative ways to occupy your time. Ask me, I know all about it because I have been stuck at the SeaTac airport a couple of times.

For instance, I was at the airport last summer when I traveled to visit my parents. You see, I do this particular routine every three months (I am an only child and my husband is too busy with work most of the time). My folks are a bit aged and will rant the entire time if anyone else other than my husband and I go to take them out for the doctor appointments.

Not only was my flight delayed, but I also did not have enough money to spend at the airport so that is the reason I must have been a bit edgy. I must have been at the airport for 4 hours straight. I had left home hungry because I knew I should have arrived in a few hours (just in time for my mom’s special pie). The good thing is that I drove myself to the airport so my car was still accessible to get some energy bars I keep just in case.

I use SeaTac long term parking every time.

SeaTac airport long term parking is one of the many SeaTac airport parking options offered by Parkos, an online based parking services provider. Parkos makes it easy for people who travel with kids, heavy luggage and who are on a tight schedule to not only save time on the road but also enjoy the convenience of driving their own vehicles. I knew about Parkos a few months before I actually tried it.

I assure you once you try it, you will be wondering what took you so long. Parking spaces offered by Parkos are located in and near SeaTac, but they are all vetted and passed as secure spots. I like the self-parking option as it is economical. However, it can take some time; but if you couple this with weekly rates, you will save a lot on parking.

Had I known that I would waste that much time at the airport, I would have loosened up and enjoyed my time there. For starters, I was so agitated at the security screening point that I received two verbal warning from the officials there. It is perfectly alright for a traveler who is at the airport for the first time to be apprehensive about security checks but I do not fall into that category.

Activities that travellers can engage in as they wait for their flight at SeaTac Airport

SeaTac is unlike any other airport you have been to – I am sure every airport is different and the uniqueness of SeaTac simply reflects the life and times of the people of Seattle.

Are you travelling with children? Instead of explaining to them why they have to sit still until your flight is called, why not allow them to socialize with other kids at the children’s play area? They are not only going to make new friends but the cool carpet and brightly coloured kids’ corner will keep them occupied for hours on end.

Music blasts across the airport at certain times of the day so you better hope that it happens while you are there. For 7 days a week, between 9 am and 3 pm, travellers are treated to live music which they can dance to, calmly listen to or record to watch later. It is interesting that the performers choose different points within the airport to play their music and this keeps travelers on their toes as they follow the soothing tunes.

Seattle is considered to the city of music and the performers are at the airport to affirm exactly that. They will treat you to pop, blues, and folk songs drawn from artists in the local scene and beyond. There is a schedule of how the performances have been scheduled to take place but do not overly rely on that because it is subject to change – at least you have an idea of what is coming up.

Art lovers and those who have taken the time to create pieces of their own will appreciate that the airport walls have been transformed into a display. Art is appreciated in SeaTac and you can tell from the more than 100 works that have been displayed in different parts. Art has been my weakness since I was a little girl so I find myself staring, lost in thought and meditation as I look into the soul of an art piece. Do you prefer guided tours to get the story behind each painting? You can let off some energy by having a guided tour of the airport. You will not get a physical tour guide to walk with you around the display points – your iPhone or Andoid phone is good enough. Once you download the story app, you can spend hours on end looking at the artwork on the walls of SeaTac. Once you have the app on your phone, it is simple to use because the search function allows users to either look for a particular piece or location of the piece.

Contemporary art is also on display at SeaTac and if you want to see some of the latest pieces search them by the type – photography, sculpture, sound and glass artwork is gaining traction and this is the place to see it. I have the app on my phone and when I am not using it at the airport, it becomes handy when I am at the local museums and other historical sites.

I have not met many people in my lifetime who do not enjoy watching movies – you only have to know and stick to your genre. I love romance movies (I am guilty of burning food several times because I just could not press pause on a movie). My husband says I am obsessed with stories but I simply love the idea of people falling in love. SeaTac must have thought about my type when they allowed floor space to Digiboo. The kiosks are spread throughout the airport and if you brought a thumb drive with you, you get to watch movies as much as you want. Does your mobile phone have enough space for a movie or two? Either that or have the movies downloaded onto a laptop.

There is free Wi-Fi connectivity in the public areas around the airport and if you are as hooked to the internet as I am, then you are in for a roller coaster of free data. This is the time to put up that live Facebook video you have always wanted. The bonus you get is being at SeaTac so your viewers have plenty of background sights and sounds to enjoy. To connect to this free network, just scroll through your available networks and you will see it named “SEATAC-FREE-WIFI”. You just need to follow prompts and then accept the terms and conditions before you get to use it.


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