VIA Rail Scavenger Hunt


VIA Rail Scavenger Hunt

The story is legendary in our house. When we were young, VIA Rail ran through the Valley from Yarmouth to Halifax. Unfortunately, this service ended in the early 1990s.

When I was three years old, my parents saved up to take me on a train ride between Kentville and Wolfville.

Their mistake was that they gave me an apple for a snack.
Apparently, the entire ride, I refused to look out the window and just concentrated on my apple. My dad tried to point things out to me, but to no avail.

I shall never live it down.

To keep my kids focused on our upcoming train journey, my husband and I came up with an activity.

To celebrate marking days, I took the boys on VIA Rail from Halifax to Moncton. This summer, like most summers, VIA has an incredible deal where aged 2-11 kids can travel for special deals (STC)

And, if you collect Air Miles, you can cash in some points for a VIA Rail gift card!

This is a 4.5 hour journey, and I knew I would need some activities to keep the kids entertained.

I tried doing some Pinterest and Google searches and came up blank. So, we created our own.


VIA RAIL Scavenger Hunt

Although this scavenger hunt is for VIA Rail, it could be used on any train ride!

We created a scavenger hunt of things that the boys needed to find out the window, as well as a list of things on the train that they needed to take pictures of.

Click here to upload the scavenger hunt in a PDF format. 

This was a huge success, and the kids loved completing the hunt.


Here are some of the funny things the kids had to take pictures of

IMG_9657 IMG_9660 IMG_9662

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