Valley Raceway


Valley Raceway

**Disclosure: I received tickets to Valley Raceway courtesy of K-Rock 89.3. It just means that I got to do some cool investigative reporting!**

Everything I ever learned about stock car racing I learned from Lightening McQueen in Cars.
I love that movie!

But now, I got to see it for real!

When K-Rock offered our family tickets to the event, I jumped at the chance. We loved Monster Jam, my youngest is obsessed with Hot Wheels, and as I said before, Cars is one of my favourite cartoons!

I started to do some research about Valley Raceway, but most of the information I found was for drivers. It didn’t really talk about what to expect when you get there. This made us all the more curious, wanting to investigate and share the information.


What is it?

Valley Raceway features stock car racing on the Valley’s only dirt track.
There are 4 different stock car races: The classes are 4 cylinder, 8 cylinder, trucks and unlimited.

Stock cars race around the dirt track for the afternoon. Each group races for 10 laps each. This happens twice. Then, for the final 3 races, drivers race 12 laps for a cash prize.


The event is extremely well organized, with everything flowing seamlessly.
There are a few stops to repair the track, or to tow off any damaged cars.

Every few races an old pumper engine is driven around the track, spraying water to keep the dust down… also making it difficult for the drivers around the corner.



How to get there

Valley Raceway is located on 877 Vault Road in Melvern Square.
Drive the 101 and take Exit 17E to Kingston.
Turn right at the off ramp and drive straight until the 221.
Turn left onto the 221 and drive it (past the Annapolis County line) to the T junction at the end.
From this point on, there are signs pointing the way.


Turn left at the T junction and immediately right onto Clem Road. At the end, turn right, and follow along until you see the entrance on your left.

From Kentville, this is a 40 minute drive.

Once there, head to the entrance gate and then through to a massive row of bleachers. Be prepared to camp out for the next 3 hours.



Valley Raceway with

Tickets are $12 and children under 12 are free!

“That’s the best way to spend $12!” one happy patron cried out!




There is a canteen on sight during the entire event. They sell hamburgers, hotdogs, pop, chips and more. You can also get Valley Raceway souvenirs. Everything is reasonably priced!



There are seats for hundreds of people along the race track. They are all wooden bleachers. There is no shade.

There are also no bad seats. Sit at the top of the bleachers so you can lean against the back. And, bring an umbrella to create some shade.
Others brought camp chairs and sat along the fence line at the front.



There is no shade. Bring a hat, sunblock.

Some of the cars are loud, so consider bringing ear protectors – especially for children.




The races run every other weekend from May to October.

The races start at 1pm and finish around 4pm.

If the weather is bad, it will be postponed until the following week. The best way to find out is to check their Facebook page where all announcements are made.



Valley Raceway was a really fun afternoon. There was a great energy and camaraderie amongst the drivers and the crowd. If you don’t understand something, ask a neighbour! A lot of people have seasons’ passes, or know the drivers in the race.

It’s a great experience for children. Many kids there were 3 years and older. It makes for a fun family outing.

We will definitely be going back and bringing more people with us now that we know what to expect!


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