Review of Valley Massage Therapy Clinic in Kentville, NS by

Valley Massage Therapy Clinic

Valley Massage Therapy Clinic

Review of Valley Massage Therapy Clinic in Kentville, NS by
When Danielle de Graaf approached me about coming in to learn more about the Valley Massage Therapy Clinic, I jumped at the chance.

DanielleI have known Danielle for many years, but mostly in the capacity of mommies, as we are on the school PTA together. In that capacity, let me tell you that Danielle is one of the most reliable people around. If she says she is going to do something, it gets done. I respect that a whole lot.

So, last summer when I had a severe ankle injury and Danielle told me she could get rid of the swelling through a manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) massage, I knew she’d be able to do it!

Since then, Danielle has taken over the Valley Massage Therapy Clinic, located on the bottom floor of the Town Square mall in Kentville.


She invited me to come in and see the new location, and while there, to try another manual lymph node drainage massage – but this time, not for my foot, but a basic relaxation and stress-reliever version.

Who could say no to that?

What  is a MLD Massage?

According to the website:
This method was developed in the 1930s to help individuals who suffer from lymphedema (a protein rich swelling). Lymphedema can occur post-trauma or surgery, from a malformed lymphatic system (the system that includes your lymph nodes and has a role in immune function.

MLD is commonly used in North America for individuals who have lymphedema from a
mastectomy operation, and with individuals where their lymphatic system cannot handle the amount of excess fluid produced.

MLD consists of gentle, non-invasive, lotion free techniques that stimulate the lymphatic vessels to pick up excess fluid, proteins, dust, dyes, viruses, bacteria, dead cells, lactic acid, and fats that are in the tissues and extracellular space.

The techniques are sequential, repetitive, and relaxing.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage can also be used for general inflammation from orthopedic conditions, such as tendonitis, sprains and strains, fractures, headaches, migraines, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, jaw pain (TMJ), and much more.

The technique has also been beneficial with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, stress and depression, burns and detoxification.

Valley Massage Therapy Clinic in Kentville NS

My Visit

When I arrived at the Valley Massage Therapy Clinic I was immediately greeted by friendly staff. Then, Danielle met me and explained the procedure that she was going to do on me.

Valley Massage Therapy Clinic, Kentville

Although I wasn’t presenting with any specific ailments, she said she was going to conduct an MLD massage on my neck and head.

After stripping from the waist up, I climbed on the bed and laid under the blanket. And, it was warm!
Many massage places, I find, are so cold. I really mind the cold, so it felt so relaxing to climb into a bed with a heated pad. Thank you, Danielle!

Valley Massage Therapy Clinic

The 45 minute session consisted of Danielle using very gentle pressure on my neck, shoulders and head. I could feel myself slipping into deeper and deeper relaxation.

When she worked on my jaw, there was an immediate lightening feeling and lifting. I could feel sensations there – and had no idea the amount of tension that I was holding in my face.

After the entire procedure, I felt so relaxed, and lighter. It wasn’t until I stood up that I realized how much lighter I felt. My head was light and I was dizzy – like the fluid really was being drained from me. I felt calm and peaceful. If you know me, you know that I am not a calm and peaceful person by nature.

This was a great feeling, and one I could get used to.

Danielle warned me that this fluid would be draining from me, and I’d probably be peeing a whole lot more! Which was also true!

It felt great to have the stress and fluid all drain away! This is what happened when Danielle worked on my foot last summer, using the same techniques (except that time on my leg). The swelling was significantly reduced and I felt so much better for having gone.

Massage is Great for Children and Youth!

We don’t often think about taking our kids for massage, but it’s something we should seriously think about, whether they have sports injuries, are anxious, or just need some help relaxing!


If you are looking to have a massage treatment – whether it is to try the MLD, a pregnancy, hot stone or therapeutic massage, then definitely check out the services at the Valley Massage Therapy Clinic.

You will be well taken care of by Danielle – with the warm bed and warm hands and warm heart.

Looking for Osteopathy, especially for children? Look no further than Valley Massage Therapy Clinic! 

Osteopathy and children at the Valley Massage Therapy Clinic with



Valley Massage Therapy Clinic is located on the bottom floor of the Town Square mall in Kentville.


This is the building next to Tim Hortons where CIBC is located. My kids call this the “mirror building”!

10 Webster Street, Suite 104, Kentville
Call to make your appointment today!

Valley Massage Therapy Clinic


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