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Swimming at UPEI


We have discovered a hidden gem in Charlottetown! Thanks to a tip from friends, we spent a great afternoon in PEI.

Sometimes, when the weather is too cold and wet to go to the beach and the kids are hanging from the curtains, it can be hard to find something to do when you are away from home.

Look no further than the Bell Aliant Centre on the University of Prince Edward Island Campus!

This pool has great amenities for families and is most definitely open to the public.

There is a water slide, and there are no height restrictions. Children under 45″ need to go down with an adult.


There are also 3 pools.

The first is the main pool with lanes for swimming laps and 2 diving boards. When the kids went off the higher diving board, I held my breath, but by the end of it, they were doing front somersaults off it! They are braver than me!


Also in the main pool there is a rope swing. The rope swing and the high diving board open alternatively throughout the swim time.

There is a small kiddie wading pool with very shallow water that is great for toddlers and babies.

Finally, there is a more shallow pool. This deepens gradually and has a splash pad feature in the middle (there are buckets that fill up with water and dump out on those standing below). The water here is quite shallow, but still fun for younger children.

How to Get There

The Bell Aliant Centre is located on the campus of UPEI on 560 University Avenue in Charlottetown. When you pull onto campus, the building is to your left.


Metered parking is available out front. Go in the main doors and there is a desk right there. You can pay for your swimming day pass there.

Admission prices are here. We paid $21 for a family pass for the day. (subject to change)

The Daily Schedule can be found here.

If you find yourself in Charlottetown and want to spend a fun afternoon at the pool, look no farther than the UPEI campus. You will be so impressed and have a ton of family fun!


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