tips for traveling among the wonders of Canada

Tips for traveling among the wonders of Canada

Tips for traveling among the wonders of Canada

tips for traveling among the wonders of Canada

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with information provided to give you tips on how to travel among the wonders of Canada. Posts like this help to support the Valley Family Fun network. 

Canada joins the long list of most delightful places to explore on earth. There are plenty of activities to do in Canada. If you want to have the Canadian experience, you must be ready to go through the right legal channels. The electronic travel authorization is the first step for taking your trip.

What do you need to be eligible for an eTA?

You must meet specific requirements. One of the requirements is a valid passport which must be active at least the six months you are in the country. Secondly, have a credit or debit card that you will pay for the eTA with when you apply. Lastly, a working email address where you will receive the eTA. For more details check how to apply for the Canadian eTA.

The online application process is simple and straightforward. Notably, the form contains personal questions and details about your legal documents. Fill everything in with caution to avoid any issues. Answer all the health questions stated to prevent any problems. If you are a dual citizenship holder, you ought to match the right information with the passport you use to obtain the document. Wrong documentation can create issues at the airport.

You will have an easy time while applying for an eTA as it only takes 20 minutes to process. You can stay for up to six months in Canada with an eTA. Other travels to Canada need a different Visa which has a separate application process.

Now that you know how to apply for the Canadian eTA, here are a few things you should know about the country.

  1. Distance

Canada is a big country. There are very long distances between places which can be misleading for many people. Make proper arrangements for transport from one point to the next. Also, make sure that you have enough time to cover the distances. If you are in for a short trip, narrow down to a single area. That way, you can pick an area that has a wide range of activities you would like to experience. Other than that, you can barely cover every region in the country on a single visit no matter how long you stay.

  1. Weather will strike

Canada can be cold. With that in mind, pack up all your warm clothes as you will need them. Even in warmer days, sometimes you will experience a storm and even some weather dips at night. Instead of freezing out there, concentrate on warm layers of clothes to keep you safe from the weather.

If you scheduled a visit during winter, be equally ready to experience the coldest weather you ever had. The prairies go as low as -20 to -30 which can be unbearable sometimes. Pack warm jackets, mittens and a hat. Do not forget a scarf to protect your face from the cold.

  1. Have your eTA Visa with you

You should have the eTA visa ready with you when boarding a flight to Canada. All Visa countries must have a valid Visa before gaining entry to Canada. Americans get an exemption from this law. You can apply for an eTA, which is a travel authorization document before your flight. Take note the passport that you used to get this eTA as any other will not be applicable while boarding a flight. The eTA costs $7, which is merely a small fee.

  1. Accommodation

Ever heard of couch surfing? Couch Surfing is an arrangement between the traveler and hosts who in this case, are Canadian to host you while on tour. They will treat you as their guest or as they friend and give you a place to stay while you trip in their area.

You may get a free guide to places to tour in the area. Also, note that your host will make your meals and teach you the local culture in their area. That adds fun to the whole journey. This will save you large amounts of paying for accommodation which may eat up all your travel money before you can enjoy the trip.

  1. Tim Hortons

Travel can be hard when you have no idea what local food looks or tastes like. Luckily for you, Tim Hortons is readily available. The restaurant chain serves coffee, donuts, and sandwiches. The combo is prevalent in most countries, so you have the assurance that there is somewhere out there where you can have a great quick snack. The chain got its name from a Hockey player.

  1. Travel Insurance

The great outdoors out there is engaging and will have you in action with no time. Unfortunately, you may end up hurting yourself. While in Canada, traveling can be expensive in case of an injury. Without insurance, the damages may be costly to treat. Your travel insurance will however step in to cover you when you need it most. Get protection and check whether they cover against all the activities you are planning to undertake in Canada.

  1. Outdoor activities

Canada has plenty of activities in the outdoors. You can enjoy so many activities like skiing, water rafting, and hiking. You can explore the vast pristine areas that are unexplored and enjoy the trip. The vast wilderness that has minimal human activities has a lot to offer. Hike in the mountains, enjoy canoeing in the Ontario lakes and tramp across the glaciers in the Rockies. You will not regret the experience whatsoever. Ditch the serene life in Vancouver and discover wild Canada. Explore something new and raw. You may never want to go back if you love nature and exploration.

Lastly, note that the outdoors may be enticing. Get a clear guide from locals on how to avoid bear trails, frostbite, and any other accidents. Some sports will be fun if you bring along a friend.

Canada is the ultimate place to travel to when you need a break from a tough city life. With the guide above, you will have a comfortable and enjoyable trip. Enjoy your vacation.


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