Things to Do in Mississauga

Things to Do in Mississauga

Things to Do in Mississauga

Things to Do in Mississauga

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If you plan to go to Mississauga with your family, then you would want to prepare for the things you would do while there. Out of town trips like this need careful planning, so you don’t waste precious time on what to do and where to go, especially if you have minimal time. It is best to maximize your trip as much as possible.

Before you pack your bags, make sure you have a list of the things that you are going to do while you are in Mississauga.

It is good to know that Mississauga is Toronto’s largest suburban area and is one of Canada’s most populous cities. As such, it receives tons of tourists from around the world. Here are the things you must do while in Mississauga:

Go Historic

While Mississauga was only established in the 1970s, it has a rich historical background. Head to Port Credit, a village located along the shorelines of Lake Ontario. Often called the Village on the Lake, Port Credit will mesmerize you with its lovely parks, outstanding architecture, and impressive lakefront marina, which docks massive ships. If you can, try to book your trip when the village hosts the Port Credit In-Water Boat Show.

Explore Streetsville

If you are a big fan of small towns filled with historic buildings amid the cityscape, then you will love Streetsville. This tight-knit community is famous for the Bread and Honey Festival and the Santa Claus Parade. While exploring this quaint area, you will find family-friendly restaurants, chic boutiques, and grand houses.

Let Kids Have Fun

When you bring your kids to your trip, let them have fun in kids indoor playground in Mississauga. They will appreciate you returning the favour while they strolled those historical places you were so interested in. There are tons of choices for indoor playgrounds, so choose the one that is appropriate for your kid’s ages.

Art Appreciation

If you are a huge fan of art, you would be amiss if you did not check out the Art Gallery of Mississauga (AGM). It features four gallery spaces that have a permanent collection that showcases more than 500 artworks. In addition to this, the gallery hosts regular exhibitions that feature national and local artists. The AGM also hosts lectures, events, symposiums, and live performances. They also offer yoga classes and art classes for kids. While you explore the gallery, you can have your kids take art classes — an awesome deal!

Play Golf

If you believe your swings could use some practice, then head on to either BraeBen Golf Course or the Lakeview Golf Course. BraeBen has two golf courses, a 9-hole and an 18-hole championship that features a 72-par course of 6,415 yards, best for experienced golfers. Its 9-hole academy course is often used by newbie golfers.

The Lakeview Golf Course features an 18-hole course, which served as the host of the Canada Open twice.


An out of town trip will never be complete without shopping. If you want to maximize your shopping options, it is best to head on to Square One. It is Canada’s second-largest mall and boasts 160,000 square metres of retail space. Since it is highly visited, it has excellent accessibility and is home to Mississauga’s main bus terminal.

It is nice to head out of town sometimes. It allows you to explore other places than in your neighbourhood. It is an excellent way to spend some time with family, and it is also a unique way to know more about other towns and meet other people.





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