Trying out the Breakout 902 Escape Rooms new Revolutionary room in Colbrook with

The Revolutionary Breakout 902 Escape Room

The Revolutionary Breakout 902 Escape Room

Trying out the Breakout 902 Escape Rooms new Revolutionary room in Colbrook with

Disclosure: we received a free trial run of The Revolutionary Breakout 902 Escape Rooms so we could help test the room before it went live, and so we could share our experiences with you. We all were only too happy to help! 

Breakout 902 Escape Rooms have done it again! 

Owner Laurent Jacquard has created another creative locked-in room that people are going to love! It is mind blowing that all of these ideas come out of his head – this is not a franchise, or a purchased kit! These are creative and unique experiences! 

Trying out the Breakout 902 Escape Rooms new Revolutionary room in Colbrook with

Read about the background of this family business in my Advertiser article I wrote


About Breakout 902 Escape Rooms

Here’s what the website says: 

Our escape rooms are an exhilarating test of your wits. 
Our 60 minute rooms are recommended for 4 – 8 players, where players solve a series of puzzles and riddles with clues to ultimately escape.
Before we went, some of my friends asked what an escape room was all about. 

You really cannot describe to someone what an escape room is until you are in there and trying it! Then, it will all make sense! 

The Breakout 902 Escape Rooms

Currently, there are 3 different rooms with 3 completely different puzzles to solve. 
This summer, our family tested the Bank Heist.  I went with my husband, 2 sons (10,12) and my parents. We ALMOST got out, but had a lot of fun in the process! 
Breakout 902 Escape Rooms in Coldbrook for Family Team Building Fun with
The three rooms will change every few months, so you can keep coming back and trying new rooms and challenges! 
Our group tried The Revolutionary room! It was hot off the press, and was about to go live that evening, so we were able to give it the final test! 

Our Experience

I gathered a group of 5 friends together. Although you can have up to 12 people, we like 6 – as it gave us more room to maneuver. Amongst us, 3 of us had done escape rooms before to varying degrees of success. I was the only one who had tried the rooms in Coldbrook! The other 3 had no idea what they were in for! 

Trying out the Breakout 902 Escape Rooms new Revolutionary room in Colbrook with

We were asked to try The Revolutionary room before it went live that night. 

Read the background plot of The Revolutionary here. 

Once we were in the room, we were allowed 3 clues from the “game masters”. 

It was fun to see how our various backgrounds, skills, and ways of thinking meshed together, and we were able to collectively solve the puzzles. We did use our 3 clues, though! 
To keep the room a secret, we were not allowed to take pictures inside the room. You’ll just have to find out for yourself! 
This game is done a lot in dark or low lighting, and might be a bit scary or too difficult for younger children. The recommended age for The Revolutionary Room is 14+, but at the parents’ discretion. 

The Result

With literally 30 seconds left on the clock, WE GOT OUT! 
It was down to the wire, and lining up the locks just so, but we did it! 
Trying out the Breakout 902 Escape Rooms new Revolutionary room in Colbrook with
The last time we went, I went with my family who told me I yelled too much! This time, with a group of friends, it was a much more pleasant experience. I knew what to expect, and you are also on better behaviour with your friends! Besides, we were all so different, that we could come up with problems from different angles. 
We had so much fun, and cannot wait to go back again. I will definitely be going back with friends again! 

How it Works

We had no idea what to expect when we went. None of us had ever done an escape room before. 
Do we actually get locked in a room?
No. You can still get out! But, it helps to set the scene, thinking you are locked in and trying to escape! 
What if we get stuck and it’s too hard?
They don’t want you to become frustrated! Tanya and Laurent were in a control room watching and listening, and gave us unlimited clues to help us when we got stuck. 
When you get frustrated and want to give up, no one is having fun any more. This ensures you can keep going! 
What am I looking for?
When we entered the room, there were many items that had locks on them. Through searches we found some keys which opened things to reveal more clues. We figured out some puzzles which helped open other spaces for more clues. 
I have to be vague here, otherwise I will give away the secrets! 
But, once you get the hang of what you are looking for, everything falls into place. 


The escape rooms are recommended for those who are 14+. Anyone younger than 13 needs to be accompanied by an adult. 
The room is way too hard for children to complete on their own. Older teens could work together to solve the puzzles, however. 
My boys were 10 and 12 and loved it. They are extremely bright kids, great at math, and love to solve riddles and can easily think outside the box. They were not too young to play. In fact, most times I think they were better than me. They did try to plough through things, and we had to remind them to slow down and not to reef on anything! 
You really need to know the abilities of your kids. Every child is different. One group of 10 year olds completed one of the rooms (Aunt Edna’s condo) during a birthday party!
But, I really wouldn’t recommend anyone younger than 10! 

Hours and Admission

Breakout 902 Escape Rooms are open by appointment only, by booking online. 
The cost is $25 per person (plus tax) Subject to Change. 


Breakout 902 Escape Rooms would make a great party place. Come with your fellow employees for team building, or with a group of friends for a fun night out. 
There is a board room available and you can bring in your own food! 
The birthday participant always gets in free, too! 


The Breakout 902 Escape Rooms are located in the strip mall across from McDonalds in Coldbrook at 7165 Highway 1. Drive around the back and look for the black and green signs. 


Trying The Revolutionary Breakout 902 Escape Room was the perfect way to spend time with my friends. We had a great time and can’t wait to go back to try another one! 

Book now for your Christmas or birthday party! 

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