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Take a Peek with Peek-A-Bear by Jill Mangel Weisfeld

**Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for this review. All opinions are our own**

When I received a copy of Take a Peek with Peek-a-Bear by Jill Mangel Weisfeld to review, I knew just the person to ask for help.

My boys (7 and 8) were a bit too old for this book, but my sister has 2 children (2 and 14 months). Besides, my sister used to be an elementary school teacher, and now she works at the university managing the English language programs. She also has a Masters degree in language development.

In short, she knows about kids and how they learn.


First, here’s what the publisher says about Take a Peek With Peek-a-Bear!

Take a Peek With Peek- a- Bear is an interactive children’s book, that takes you on a great adventure with peek- a- bear.

The book is the recent recipient of the Moonbeam and Mother’s Choice Awards.


Now, here’s what this mom has to say:

I was given a copy of this book to review. I thought I would call in my experts, Evan (14 months) and Madeline (almost 3) to give me their opinions and reactions to the story.

Evan’s world revolves around cars, birds and books. He can often be found carrying books around the house, looking for someone who will read to him.


He loves the interactive nature of Take a Peek with Peek-A-Bear. He loves discovering the doors, flaps, curtains, things to pull, and things to turn.

A couple of the pages are a bit beyond his dexterity, but he will let Mommy or Daddy help out.

He loves finding the bear on every page and makes animal sounds for some of the other characters he encounters.

Pictures are bright and bold and really hold his attention over repeated readings.

Madeline is also a lover of books. She is becoming aware of print and recognizes that the words “Take a peek” are in bold at the beginning of every page.


She is so proud that she can read that on each page!

The rhyming text is also great for sound awareness: she is able to fill in the last word of every page when the book is being read aloud.

She thinks the story and pictures are pretty hilarious – especially the part with the octopus eating peanut butter toast!

Madeline and Evan’s cousins got in on the action, too. Their 6 year-old cousin loved the book because he could easily read it to the younger ones.


I really enjoy the playful nature of the text on the page.

The lines of words on the page mimic the motion of the vehicle it describes. For example, on the submarine page, as you follow the text your finger gradually floats to the bottom of the page. On the airplane page, the text gently rolls along as if it is bobbing in the clouds. The text on the train page whizzes by at the top of the page.

As a parent and educator, I recommend this book. It is great for the youngest to develop an interest in books and an appreciation of language.

For the pre-school crowd, there is lots to hold interest, and great opportunities to develop sound and print awareness.

For me, I find the font a little understated, so I have to make sure I am wearing my glasses to read it! Heavier cardboard for the pages might make it a little easier to manipulate for the tiniest hands.

All in all, a charming little book that is destined to be read and reread many times in our house!

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