T-Shirts for Father’s Day

T-Shirts for Father’s Day

Are you looking for a unique Father’s Day gift that you can make this year with the kids?
Why not try designing your own T-shirt?

Last year for Father’s Day, each boy designed his own T-shirt. Start with a plain T-shirt. We bought ours from Michaels craft store. Then, grab a package of fabric markers (also available at Michaels).

Place layers of newspaper, paper or cardboard inside the shirt so that the marker does not transfer to the other side. This also provides a semi-hard surface to draw on.

Let the kids go wild with their design, making sure it is dark enough to see.



Another option is to create a “road massage shirt”. This idea has been circulating around Pinterest, so my sister-in-law decided to make one from her kids for my brother!

On the back of a plain T-shirt, simply draw a road system. You can make this as elaborate as you want.


Then, have dad wear the T-shirt and lay on the floor. Give the children some Hotwheels cars and let them drive them over the roads. This way, the kids get to play, and dad gets a nice rest and back massage!
Here, I am modeling my brother’s shirt.

What are some other possibilities for T-shirts for Father’s Day?

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