Snow Colour by Nouwee

Snow Colour by Nouwee

*Disclosure: I received a package of Snow Colour to test in exchange for this blog post. It just means that we get to have family fun and tell you about it! All opinions are our own. *


“How would you like to try something new in the snow?”
Daniel and his friend Josephine couldn’t wait to get outside!


I gave them each a bottle of Snow Colour and told them to have fun decorating the yard.

Snow Colour is a fun new product line by Nouwee.  Here’s what the website says.

THROW A RAINBOW: Although the saying says “not to eat yellow snow,” no one said you can’t throw it. This winter, your kids can create a technicoloured Frosty with the help of NOUWEE Snow Colour – vibrant, kid-safe pigment perfect for snowmen and snowballs.

Watch how:

The Snow Colour jars are built much like a spice jar: one side is a shaker, and the other has a larger hole for a spoon, or making bigger, dumps of colour.


When you open the box, on the inside are 2 winter cutouts: a tree and a snowflake.


I cut these out, and the kids did use them a few times,


but had much more fun just colouring the yard.


Snow Colour kept the kids busy for a good part of the afternoon, and we were able to enjoy their designs until the snow melted!


Product Attributes

•    Mixed Colours
•    Box Contents: 3 X 100g of different snow colour + 2 stencil ideas
•    Non-toxic, biodegradable, and 100% natural
WARNING: May contain more pleasure than planned, and may stain your lives, clothing, and objects. The suggested age to use this product is of 8 years or over.

Snow Colour would be a fun addition to a winter party, or just for an afternoon treat.


About Nouwee

NOUWEE is an imaginative company from Quebec, dedicated to creating unforgettable moments through party accessories.

Their mission is to create unique and magical moments to share with your friends and family.

After the death of a close friend, owner Alexandre Goupil-Lévesque realized the time he spent with people he loved is what made him happiest. It is with this idea that sparked NOUWEE. At 25, he launched the company with play, accessibility and creativity at the heart of it. You may have seen NOUWEE on CBC’s Dans l’oeil du dragon, the Quebec version of Dragon’s Den, where he was offered mentoring sessions by Dragons: Mitch Garber, Daniele Henkel and Serge Beauchemin.

Order your Snow Colour Today!


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