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Family Treasure: Photo Bracelet

It all started a few years ago when I was at an event and noticed a woman’s bracelet. It was full of tiny pictures of her family.

She called it her family treasure.

I asked where she’d gotten it, but it had been a present, so she had no idea where I could get one like it.

That started me on my hunt for a photo bracelet!

I spent a long time trolling the Internet, looking across Canada first, and finally found the solution!

Simply Charm Ng

Melody Ng lives in California and spends her time making Simply Charm Ng photo bracelets, and now photo watches.

If you visit her Facebook page, you can see examples of her incredible work.

Every time I wear my bracelet, I swear I get another order for Melody! They are so unique and such a family treasure that everyone wants one.

I started by ordering one for myself.

Then my best friend ordered one.
Then my friend ordered one for her mom’s 75th birthday with all the children and grandchildren
Once my sister stopped reproducing, we ordered one for my mom with her kids and grandchildren
I know someone else who is ordering one for a family member with their pets on it!

This is the perfect gift for any woman in your life!

How to Order

The first step is to go online and pick the charm you like.

Measure your wrist size (I measured a bracelet that fits me well)

Pick photos. These pictures need to be high resolution. Picture need to be relatively close up. Remember these are small rectangles around your wrist, so you want to be able to see them!

Depending on the size of your wrist, you will need 8 pictures.
Melody is fantastic at telling you if your pictures will work or not.

Decide on Colour. You will need to choose between colour, sepia and black/white.
I’ve always picked black/white.

Email your pictures to Melody. She will crop and change the colour and send you a photo layout before she makes them.

That’s it! It’s so easy!
When your bracelet arrives in the mail, it will take your breath away!



Now, Simply Charm Ng is making photo bracelet watches!
There is a limited stock on hand with a few different design watch faces and shapes to choose from. These work like the bracelets – choose your photos and your charms and Simply Charm Ng will do the rest!


Standard prices: Custom Photo Bracelets are $60USD no matter the size or the charms.
Watches are $69USD no matter the charm selection or size.

Standard Shipping First Class is $9.00USD & International Priority Shipping is $23.00USD used more during the holidays since it’s a busier season. These are all US prices.

Currently Standard International First Class shipping is about 6-7 days.

Christmas Orders

All orders for Christmas need to be in by December 1st.
Priority shipping will be a must at this time to guarantee on time delivery.

What others Say

From my bestie who ordered one:
Melody’s bracelets are simply stunning! The time she takes to make each piece unique means they are little works of art! I wear mine a lot when I travel, as I want to keep my kids close to me. I am often stopped by people who notice the bracelet and ask about it. They are always impressed with the unique nature of the piece and the quality of craftsmanship. I treasure mine!

My friend ordered one for her mom:
My mother LOVED the charm photo bracelet we gave her in honour of her 70th Birthday. It featured generations of women in our family and we added her favorite colour stone. She said she gets asked all the time and there are many oooh’s and ahh’s!

My mom who owns a bracelet
I am not one to carry pictures of my family but this is such a neat way to display them. I wear it all the time. A treasure indeed.


I got a early birthday gift ..needless to say, I love it. If you want to see a picture of one of our granddaughters, I show you my beautiful bracelet.


By sharing this Facebook image, you will receive $10 off your order!

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