Review of Rachel MacLean's Falling Snow Christmas Album by

Rachel MacLean’s Falling on Snow new Christmas Album

Rachel MacLean’s Falling on Snow new Christmas Album

Review of Rachel MacLean's Falling Snow Christmas Album by

Please note: this is NOT a sponsored post about Rachel MacLean’s new Christmas album, Falling Snow. All opinions are my own. 


Let me tell you the story about how I met Rachel MacLean and didn’t realize I met her. 

Almost 10 years ago, my son Daniel was in a fabulous program at Acadia called KinderSkills. Daniel spent a lot of time being pulled around in a wagon with a girl named Myah. I often chatted with her mom, who was the sweetest woman! 

Then, at Christmastime, I was walking past a bulletin board in the mall and stopped dead in my tracks. 

I was staring at a poster for a concert with either The MacLean Sisters in concert. Being from the Valley, of course I had heard of the MacLean Sisters! 

Staring right at me was Myah’s mom, the sweet woman from KinderSkills that I always chatted with. I had no idea SHE was Rachel MacLean! 

Review of Rachel MacLean's Falling Snow Christmas Album by

Since then, I have followed Rachel MacLean’s music! 

Rachel also performed for a fundraising concert I helped organize, Music: Play for Life, that we held at Acadia in support of the Port Williams park, and then one for the KCA playground. She’s always been so giving of her time and talent! 

I have The MacLean’s first album, Reflections of Christmas, which I listen to all the time. So, I was overjoyed to receive a copy of her newest Christmas album, Falling Snow! 

Review of Rachel MacLean's Falling Snow Christmas Album by

When the album first came out, I interviewed Rachel for a story I wrote for the Kings County Advertiser: 

Review of Rachel MacLean's Falling Snow Christmas Album by

Read article here

Since I received it, I have been listening to the album pretty much on repeat all day long! 

My favourite song is track #7 called Gift of Love. Rachel wrote this song specifically as a duet to sing with her 16 year old daughter, Breagha Hawley. It speaks to a parent’s love and watching out over your child. It’s simply a beautiful piece, and their voices blend like only relatives can! 

The album includes a mix of traditional songs like Santa Baby, Blue Christmas and O Come O Come Emanuel. There are also  few pieces that Rachel wrote herself. 

The harmonies are beautiful, the music is soft and melodic, and floats around you like an angel’s choir. It’s calm and relaxing music, that made me slow down and listen to intently to hear the musicality. 

Where Can you Find Falling Snow?

Rachel’s new Christmas CD “Falling Snow” is now available. Retail locations include Occasions Gifts in Kentville, Marshall’s in Digby, Stirling Fruit Farms and Hennigar’s Farm Market in Greenwich. More locations to come!

Follow Rachel MacLean’s Facebook page to find out where to get the album. 

And don’t miss out on Rachel’s annual concert at Acadia, always on the second Sunday of December at University Hall. She always features a wide array of musicians. 

This year, when thinking of Christmas gifts, think local. Shop locally and support our local artists, starting with Rachel MacLean’s newest Christmas album, Falling Snow. You will thank me. 

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