Point Pleasant Park Walking Trails, Halifax

Point Pleasant Park Walking Trails, Halifax


I cannot believe that this was only my second visit to Point Pleasant Park at the South end of Halifax! What a wonderful way to spend time exploring with your family!


Here’s the description

Open year round. A place for recreation since the city’s founding in 1749. Until 1866, the park was primarily a military bastion, but in that year it was leased to a newly formed commission for a public park.
Visitors can experience preserved ruins of early fortifications, coastal ecosystems, as well as cultural resources. 

The Trails

When you go to Point Pleasant Park, it’s a bit like “Choose your own Adventure”. There are so many winding paths and trails, you could pick a different route every time you go!
Before you start, look at the trail map.
Take a picture of it with your phone, or enlarge and print this one.
There are maps EVERYWHERE throughout the park, which makes it so user friendly, but I recommend taking a map that has all the street names on it.
Yes, all the paths are labeled like streets!
The paths are wide and graveled, making it easy for strollers or small children.
Dogs are welcome and there are even some off-leash areas.
Walking the perimeter loop of the park is 3.36km .
We decided to make our own path and get to see some of the historical features within the park.

Historic and Cultural Parts of the Park

The forts and batteries erected around Point Pleasant Park were primarily intended to prevent enemy ships from getting into the Halifax Harbour or into the North West Arm, which runs behind the west side of the city.
When you are at the water’s edge, it’s easy to see why this piece of land was a great look out! You can see everything!
Point Pleasant Walking Trails, Halifax, by www.ValleyFamilyFun.ca
This tower was built on the high ground behind the point, a location capable of defending the point batteries. The Prince of Wales Tower, named after Edward’s eldest brother, is a squat, round structure built of stone, almost three times as wide as it is high.
Point Pleasant Walking Trails, Halifax, by www.ValleyFamilyFun.ca
Along the coast there are several batteries you can explore, too.
Point Pleasant Walking Trails, Halifax, by www.ValleyFamilyFun.ca

Don’t forget to stop by Blackrock Beach.

There are no signs posted about the history of this spot, but it’s pretty cool!
The law required that the pirates be executed with their bodies displayed in public as a warning to other sailors. The body was covered in tar and hanged from chains in an iron cage called a gibbet.
Jordan the pirate, was hanged at Point Pleasant Park, near the Black Rock beach in 1809.
Now, it’s a popular place to go swimming in the summer!


How to Get There

Point Pleasant Park is located at the South end of Halifax. There are several entrance points, including one at the end of Tower Road and Young Avenue.
There are a few parking lots at the trail entrances.
Park, enter the park, and look at the map to plot your route.

We spent about 2 hours exploring the park and walked about 5kms. And, there wasn’t one complaint!


There is so much to do, see, explore and climb at Point Pleasant Park. It makes for such a pleasant afternoon with your family. Do check it out!



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