Playground Hop


The Playground Hop!

*This blog post is part of a larger initiative by several bloggers to offer you lots of great ideas for family fun!*

Do you have a favourite playground that your family likes to visit? What makes it so great? Is it a great climbing structure? Or maybe a fast slide!

One family was on a mission to find the BEST playground in the area. They were having company coming to visit, and they wanted their friends to have the ultimate playground experience. So, they decided to go on a playground crawl.

Building on their idea, we came up with the playground hop. Because I used to manage a psychology research centre where we focused on survey research, I had to throw in a survey for good measure!

I found a great playground survey on Pinterest through Edventures with Kids


Here’s how it works:
1. Make a list of all the playgrounds that are in an X radius of your home.

2. Plot out a driving route that includes at least 4-5 of these playgrounds.

3. Gather your equipment. For our version, you will need:


a. Playground essentials: sunblock, hats, snacks and drinks
b. Egg Timer
c. Survey Sheets and markers. (see link above for playground survey sheets)

4. Head out on your adventure!

5. When you get to the first stop, set the egg timer for a pre-determined amount of time. We recommend 20-30 minutes.

6. When the timer goes, no matter how much fun you are having, everyone piles back into the car, and heads to the next destination on the list.

7. While you are driving, fill out the survey sheet about the playground you just visited.

8. At the end of the day, go over your results to determine which playground you liked the best, or which one had the best slide, swings, climbing frame, etc.

Best of all, have a fun day out with your family!


This post is part of a larger initiative to encourage and inspire family fun! For a full list of other blogs that are offering family fun ideas, go here or check out the list below.



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