Peanut Butter Free Bird Feeder Craft

Peanut Butter Free Bird Feeders


Last week I was asked to participate in a kids’ nature night expose in our town. I needed an activity for the kids to do at my table that would go with the nature theme. Also, it had to be something that both toddlers and older children could do and enjoy!

Bird feeders!

However, the easiest bird feed I could come up with was the traditional peanut butter on a toilet paper roll.

But, because this was a public event, I did not want to bring in peanut butter.

This is when we realized we could use lard!

Birds need the lard/fat to help keep warm for the winter and it works just as well as peanut butter!

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How to make a bird feeder with lard instead of peanut butter

Collect toilet paper rolls.

I was lucky enough to have good friends that I could ask them to save me theirs, and they did!

With a knife, cover the toilet paper roll with lard. Make sure there is a thick layer covering everything. IMG_3147
Put bird seed on a plate or a shallow bowl.


Roll the toilet paper roll in the birdseed, getting it to stick to the lard.


String a piece of yarn or string through the tube.


Hang it on a tree or feeder, and let the birds enjoy it.


Here is a chickadee visiting the feeders that my nieces made!


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