Paint Nite in the Annapolis Valley

Paint Nite in the Annapolis Valley


A few weeks ago, my friend Ann said to me, “let’s do a paint night!”

“Yeah, right!” was my first reaction. I suck at anything crafty, and usually they end up looking like a toddler did them. There was no way that I could go and paint a piece of art and have it be anything I would want to show anyone!

But, that’s what best friends are for. They make you do things outside your comfort zone. Just like when she made me do the Learn to Run program!

Then, we learned about Paint Nite.

This is a franchise all over North America, with painting parties, mostly for women (although there were 2 men in our class!) popping up everywhere.

Paint Nite is described as the perfect cocktail of creativity and conversation. Drink a glass of wine and create a painting— you’ll always go home with more than just a buzz.


It’s okay if you’ve never painted anything but your walls— see how these Paint Nite guests unleashed their creative spirit.

So, with an open mind, 4 of us decided to attend Paint Nite Halifax (which also happens in the Valley).


Our event was held at the Old Orchard Inn in Greenwich, and there were probably 60 other people, there, too! You could order munchies or a glass of wine at the bar to help you through the night.


The entire evening was extremely well organized. We arrived, and chose a spot that was already set up with a canvas, a tray of paint a fancy apron, and all the supplies we would need for the night.

Then, our instructor, a professional artist, stood at the front of the room, and step-by-step she walked us through the process.


Before we started, we had to take an oath, repeating the words that we were there to have fun, not take it too seriously, and never to utter the words, “mine sucks!”

This set a light and fun tone for the evening, and was a great lesson in self-confidence, for sure!

Over the course of the evening, many laughs, and calling the helpers over to rescue us when we messed up, the artwork started to emerge!

IMG_5688 IMG_5690 IMG_5692

We channeled our inner Bob Ross (anyone else watch that painting show as a child?)


And somehow we ended up with art, maybe not a masterpiece, but art!


What a fun way to spend an evening with a group of friends! We’ll definitely be doing it again!


One of the best parts, though, was showing the painting to the kids and they were so impressed! “Who painted that?” “That’s incredible, Mom!” “We are definitely hanging that up!”

That almost is the best for your self esteem!

How to Sign up for a Paint Nite

Visit the Paint Nite site and type in your town. All the ones in the area will pop up.

For example, I searched for Kentville and many paint nights come up listed for the Old Orchard Inn, Falmouth, Kentville, Windsor and beyond! It is surprising how many you can find!

The cost is $45 each.

However, we found a Groupon which reduced the price.


Coupon Code

Summer events are now available! Coupon code PNHFX45 will expire July 1, 2016. The code is valid for ANY summer event as long as your ticket is purchased before July 1. Book early and save!

For tickets, go to Enter coupon code PNHFX45 at the checkout to save 45%.


Grab your friends, your sense of adventure and step outside of your comfort zone and sign up for a Paint Nite near you!




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  1. Nicole Veinotte
    Nicole Veinotte says:

    Great evening..always fun to step outside of your comfort zone, with friends! Coming home with your own piece of art work, made me feel like a kid again.


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