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How to Host an Oxymoron Party

It was about 10 years ago when I found a party planning book from the 1950s in a used book shop. There were some pretty funny ideas for themed parties.

Our neighbours at the time were great sports, so we decided to invite them along to our Oxymoron Party!

What is an oxymoron?
It is a figure of speech that puts two elements together that appear to be contradictory.

Jumbo shrimp
Painfully beautiful
Deafening silence
Random order
Virtual reality

And the list goes on.

For our oxymoron party, everyone was invited to come in costume representing an oxymoron!

We had some great ideas!


The ugliest beauty queen
The sinning nun
The seamstress who wouldn’t get it together
Speech pathologist with a speech impediment
Vegetarian beef farmer
Saddest happy face


It was a fun night, and a great excuse for a party!

What would you dress as?


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