It’s Official! We’re Moving to Wales!

It’s Official! We’re Moving to Wales!

When I announced last February that we were moving to Wales, I probably jumped the gun and made the announcement too early! It confused a lot of people, thinking we were leaving soon.

It was on my mind, and I needed to write about it!

Read my post about Moving to Wales


Since that post in February, a lot has happened!

I can officially announce that we leave for Wales on January 9th, returning on June 7th!

And, yes. We do have someone living in our house and looking after our dog, lest you think our house will be sitting empty!

Here’s what we know

We will be living in northern Wales. David’s sister and brother-in-law have generously allowed us to use their cottage as our home base!

This is an old chapel that they renovated into a beautiful home!


We will be using this as our home base, and then traveling to other parts of Great Britain (England, Scotland, Ireland) and maybe to France and the rest of Europe.

The boys will be home schooled.

We talked about enrolling the boys in school in Wales, but because we will be traveling a lot, and are only there for 5 months, we have instead decided to home school them.

We have been working closely with the boys’ school, and they have been AMAZING! They will find ways to integrate the boys into the classroom through Skype, and will give some assignments and curriculum outcomes to do while away.

Another teacher is creating a penpal system with the boys and her students will write questions for the boys to answer through Skype, letters or through YouTube videos.

We are Finding Community Activities

I have been in touch with staff from the local library and recreation centre who have been incredible! They have provided us with so much information about what is happening in terms of reading clubs, art lessons, and recreational activities!

Once we are on the ground, we will explore these more fully!

We are Doing our Research

A huge shout out to our brother-in-law Paul who has been doing so much research for us, to help us find all the great deals and what’s happening around the UK. Our nieces have been so helpful with all their knowledge.

It makes a big difference when we are going somewhere we already know people and have connections!


David will be working with Bangor University

David will be connected with the University of Bangor on the North coast of Wales. He will not be full-time teaching, but perhaps giving some lectures and teaching a few classes. He will be doing work on a research project on mining whilst there.


We will be Home Before School is Out

We will be home on June 7th. This way the boys can finish the last 3 weeks at school here before the summer break.


Valley Family Fun

I will still be running Valley Family Fun from a distance, but will be taking a break from my other contracts.

We will be blogging about our activities, and including lots of videos, so check the site often!


Now, still to do are the passports and some more paperwork, and we are almost ready to go! If you find yourself in Wales or Northern England, be sure to look us up!




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