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Local Products Worth Checking out!

I was lucky enough to be given a sample pack of products from Nova Scotia Fisherman. These are all natural NS Kelp infused soaps, lotions, lip and body balm for life’s rough patches. And, they are all handmade right here in New Minas.

By merely having these soaps in my bathroom, gave it a fresh scent – and that in itself was worth it! Over the past few weeks I have been trying out the various soaps. My favourite is definitely the clay mint! The hand lotion is not greasy, and the best word to describe the lip balm is invigorating!

My husband has been using the body lotion on his cracked feet, and after only two applications, his feet are completely healed! (Be thankful I didn’t include before and after pictures!)

For those concerned with ingredients and process, these products are not tested on animals, have no petroleum based ingredients, no artificial fragrances and are paraben free. They use a variety of oils from palm, coconut and olive that are good for babies’ skin as well. When you go on their website, every product’s ingredients are listed so you can rest assured what is in it.

Besides being made locally, Nova Scotia Fisherman works with local adult-service centre organizations such as the Flower Cart and Apple Tree Industries to help with packaging. They are a very valuable part of how they do business.

Every time you buy a Nova Scotia Fisherman product you are also giving back to nature. A portion of every sale benefis the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC)! The NCC works on a landscape scale to acquire, manage and restore habitats, including some of the region’s most iconic landscapes.

Locally, Nova Scotia Fisherman products are available at
Home Hardware; Pete’s; Stirlings; Hennigars; Mader’s Pharmacy; Wilson’s Pharmacy; Larry’s Pharmacy; Boutique de Grand Pre; Gaspereau Vineyard or at their storefront 15 Jones Road, New Minas (across from the RCMP station), or online. If you go onto the website and enter your postal code you will find other retailers near you, too. FIND LOCAL RETAILERS

I highly recommend checking them out and supporting the local campaign!

Leave a comment and tell me about which Nova Scotia Fisherman products you’ve tried and where you found them!

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