Nature Trail Adventures in Kings County review by

Nature Trail Adventures in Kings County

Nature Trail Adventures in Kings County
Nature Trail Adventures in Kings County review by

Our family is always up for an adventure! 

So, when we heard about the new Nature Trail Adventures designed by Marina Myra of the Wild Roots Nature Education Centre in Berwick and now part of  Flying Squirrel Adventures in the Kentville area we knew we had to try it out! 

These are games and activities that take you through a nature area to solve clues to solve a mystery. 

Much like our TrailQuest games that help you explore towns, these games help you explore nature in a fun, new way. 

There are 5 Nature Trail Adventures that are FREE to download! 

Kentville Ravine Trail Adventure
Lockhart Ryan Park Adventure 
McMaster Mill Trail Adventure 
Miners Marsh Trail Adventure 
Wolfville Millennium Trail Adventure 

Equipment Needed 

On the first page of the Nature Trail Adventure guide, there is a list of what equipment you will take with you to help explore the area. Some of it is optional, but trust us, you will want the full experience! 

The items are not complex, and are things you have at home. Some, like Miners’ Marsh, includes instructions to make view finders to make before you go. 

Our Adventure

We checked out the McMaster Mill Park Adventure near Greenwood. 

Nature Trail Adventures in Kings County review by

This trail is about 0.5km and would have taken us under 10 minutes, normally to check out. But, instead, we spent over an hour discovering this beautiful spot. 

Nature Trail Adventures in Kings County review by

We played First Nations games, built boats, and learned about the rocks and falls, while traveling through time to discover the secret clues. 

We also had a ride on a seismosaurus. 

Nature Trail Adventures in Kings County review by

Grade Level

Thomas and I completed the mystery and activities together. He loved every second of it! We think, then, the ideal grade level is grades 2-5. A parent will need to help with the reading and instructions. 

It makes for the perfect family activity! 

Further Reading

Another great thing about the Nature Trail Adventures is that they include links for further information. The learning can continue beyond the trail. 

Where to Get the Nature Trail Adventures

These 5 nature trail adventures are completely FREE! 

Download the Nature Trail Adventure PDFs here.


“This Trail Adventure Project was made possible with the generous funding and support of the Blomidon Naturalists Society whose dedication to educating the public and connecting people with the natural world is making a difference in our communities. The Blomidon Naturalists Society recognizes the support of the Province of Nova Scotia. We are pleased to work in partnership with the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage to develop and promote our cultural resources for all Nova Scotians. Supported by the Town of Kentville Parks and Recreation. Supported by the Municipality of the County of Kings Recreation Services”

Nature Trail Adventures in Kings County review by

If you are looking for a fun way to explore nature in Kings County, and make a hike less boring for kids, definitely check out the Nature Trail Adventures! Start exploring! 


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