Moving to Wales

Moving our Family to Wales


I think we are moving to Wales.
Actually, I’m about 90% sure.

For awhile now, I have been informally telling people of our plans, but now, I am telling the world that we might be moving to Wales.

For 6 months.

My husband is a professor at the university and will be on sabbatical starting in September for a year. His plan has always been for us to go to the UK for part of that year.
David has done a lot of research on mining disasters in Canada and would like to continue that research, looking at some of the mining disasters in Wales.

Besides, David is from England, and grew up close to the Welsh border. His sister and lots of nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews still live there.


It would be a great chance to spend some more time with our British family members.







Our current plan is to go to Wales from January to June, 2017.

I lived overseas in Japan for 3 years. I went speaking not a word of the language and not knowing anyone.
So, why is moving to a foreign country, where we have family, and they speak English, making my head spin?

Maybe because when I moved to Japan I took 2 suitcases and left no job, house, car, pets and no responsibilities, and had no kids.

This move is going to be a lot more work.


There are some areas of Wales that do no have any English schools. Until we know exactly where we are going to live, I won’t know if school is an option.

Will I have to homeschool them? I have taught lots before, but can I handle my own hyper-active children? Will they listen to me? Public school was created for a reason!

If we do go to school, how much will the uniforms cost? Is the cost so exorbitant for just a couple of months?

At least they will not have to pay international enrollment fees because they have British passports.

Will we be subject to the 50Pound per day fees that you have to pay to take your children out of school?

“The Government has cracked down on unauthorised absences from schools, telling headteachers that they can no longer let children go on holiday during the term.”

Read more here about the fees parents pay for taking their kids out of school.

If we have to pay this, then there is no point putting them in school. We want to take a week to visit David’s aunts, uncles and cousins in Ireland, and to explore the rest of the UK – who knows about the rest of Europe!


Then, there are thoughts of home.

We think we have someone lined up to live in our house to look after the pets and security.
We are starting to make arrangements with the kids’ school here.

Daniel (9) is not excited about going. He doesn’t want to fall behind in school here, and he absolutely does not want to miss the recorder program!

Thomas (7) feels more secure about going (which is surprising for our shy kid!) However, he wasn’t sure about leaving his grandfather for that long.

“I’d be ok going if Grandad visited us at least once a month.”

I’m not sure that is possible, but at least one visit!


Then there is my work.

I work contract jobs, including running Valley Family Fun. How many of those jobs will I be able to do from afar? How much work will I be able to do if I’m homeschooling the boys? How much work do I want to do? Which jobs can I get back when we return?

There are just so many details to think about! See why my head is spinning?

Will it be difficult and stressful? YES!
But will it be worth it? Absolutely every second!

We are looking forward to the great opportunity for our family to experience something new, visiting something old, and spending more time with our British family.


It can’t get better than that!

Stay tuned as we make our plans and figure out where we will be living and when!

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  1. Wendy LaPierre
    Wendy LaPierre says:

    Don’t home school! Do the “unschool” thing. Your kids are bright and interested in everything. They can do their math workbooks on their own and the rest of the time you just travel and see things and play and write books…

    • ValleyFamilyFun
      ValleyFamilyFun says:

      Actually, that’s more of what I had in mind… going to the library, museums, doing some reading and math… but for the most part.. living life and experiencing culture, music and history! I think I would be too stressed trying to do formal lessons and they are already ahead in school, so nothing to worry. Thanks for the encouragement!!

      • Carrie Surette
        Carrie Surette says:

        I totally agree with Marisa! Have a blast everyone! I can’t imagine you will have to pay the unschool fee as you are visiting from Canada- not a permanent resident of Wales- how would they ever know to charge you as really you’re just on a longish vacation 🙂 have a blast! What a great experience for you all!

        • ValleyFamilyFun
          ValleyFamilyFun says:

          I guess it’s at the discretion of the headmaster of each school! But, if we are traveling so much, I guess we will see if it’s worth it putting them in… and depends on how much David is working at the university. Too much… if, then!

  2. Mercedes Gill
    Mercedes Gill says:

    I have just stumbled upon your blog and I must say that I am really happy that I found it! It is really exciting that you are going on this trip! I wish you well! I understand your arguments to leave to Japan for three years… I have also done something similar because I really needed a break from all responsibilities and people I know… I’ve lived in India for two years!

    • ValleyFamilyFun
      ValleyFamilyFun says:

      Thanks, Mercedes! It is good to get a change of scenery! India is gorgeous! I was fortunate enough to visit there on the way home from Japan! All about adventures in life and risks we take!


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