Moore’s Brook Falls

Moore’s Brook Falls

“That walk was totally worth it!”

So said my 7 year old son about our recent hike to Moore’s Brook Falls outside of Kentville.

I first discovered this trail because my neighbour had a picture on her Facebook page of her family in front of an incredible waterfall. When I asked her where it was, she told me it was only a hop, skip and a jump from our house!

So close to home, tucked in between Prospect Road and the highway, this is an incredible waterfall to discover!

How to get there

The waterfall is located off Prospect Road in North Alton (the road that runs between the Big Stop from exits 11 to 12).

Park on Morris Crescent. Because it is a crescent, there are two streets labelled Morris Crescent. Park on the one closest to exit 12.


You can enter the trail on the North side by going down the cobble stones and through the culvert.

IMG_1416 IMG_1457


Or, on the south side of the road, down the embankment next to the guard rail.


Both of the paths lead to the brook.

Be careful because there is a barb wire fence by the tunnel.


Head up the trail on the left-hand side by the brook to find the waterfall.

Trail is a bit of a misnomer. There isn’t much of a trail. There are sections of a steep path along the edge. You can scale the wall the whole way.


However, it is much easier to wear water shoes or rubber boots and walk in the brook all the way up. The water can be up to an adult’s knees, so go slowly, but it’s worth the adventure!


You will first come to a smaller fall of about 10 feet.


Then there is a sharp bend in the brook and it will reveal the main fall of about 50 feet or so.


To walk to the second falls, it took our family 15 minutes.


The waterfall is amazing. The water is so strong, powerful and loud!

This would be an incredible walk on a hot summer’s day.

There was also a love letter written on one of the rocks!


I think it would be tricky to walk in the spring or the fall when the water is much colder, unless you were able to scale the walls along the brook.

This walk would be tricky for small children. It was also difficult for me, who has to wear a foot brace. I definitely could not have scaled the edge on the “trail” and walking on the rocks in the water was slow going, but it was worth it.

The boys, 7 and 9, had absolutely no problem on this hike, and loved walking in the water and playing at the base of the waterfall.


If you are looking for a quick, refreshing adventure to see an incredible waterfall in our own area, definitely check out Moore Brook Falls.


PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT walk through 4866 Prospect Road. It is a PRIVATE PROPERTY and there is NO TRESPASSING!

To find out more, visit Trail Peak

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  1. Destiny
    Destiny says:

    That barbed wire is now an electric fence. As we got zapped, not cool please be careful when first getting down to the brook. Other then that it was great kids and adults had a blast. beautiful

  2. Jill
    Jill says:

    I would recommend not taking the culvert at all, go down the rocks. That is not just barbed wire, it’s also electric fencing. I accidentally touched it and got a nasty shock!


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