Miner’s Marsh, Kentville

Miner’s Marsh Trail, Kentville


I remember the first time I walked across the bride into Miner’s Marsh, I literally gasped. It took my breath away; it was so beautiful!


Miner’s Marsh is a hidden gem in downtown Kentville.

Signage is not great for the marsh, but we’ve been told for the last two years that it is coming, so this will help more people discover the beauty of the marsh.


Here’s what the Town of Kentville says about Miner’s Marsh

The Kentville Ducks Unlimited Site also known as “Miner’s Marsh” is found in a wetland habitat constructed by Ducks Unlimited Canada which supports a variety and abundance of wildlife.

The protected site includes 1.7 kms of maintained trail which was built by the Town of Kentville in partnership with Health Promotion and Protection, the Rotary Club of Kentville and Michelin.

Photo courtesy of Twin Bridges Photography

Photo courtesy of Twin Bridges Photography

The site is complete with viewing stands, picnic tables and interpretive signage which makes it an ideal location for birdwatchers, and nature enthusiasts.

Here is a beautiful video put together by the town.

The Trail

The trail is configured in a figure-eight loop, so you can take a short loop, or a long loop!

The trail is wide, flat with crushed gravel making it a perfect place for strollers or toddlers on bicycles.

There are picnic tables throughout the trail and you can stop for a rest at the observation tower.
This is a perfect place to go for a family walk in all seasons and all times of the day.
It takes about 15-20 minutes to walk the large loop.


Photo courtesy of Twin Bridges Photography


Other Amenities


Miner’s Marsh is also home to the Wee Library that our family built in 2015! Take a book or leave a book. There are many to discover! Learn more here.



This is a great place for kids to explore marsh life, and the Blomidon Naturalist Society often hosts events like Marsh Madness there where biologists are brought in to teach kids about what they find there.


Uncommon Common Art also has art exhibits within the marsh. See if you can find them.

Please do not feed the wildlife.
Please do not disturb the wildlife, and put everything back that you look at.

How to get there

The entrance to Miner’s Marsh is not well sign posted, so it’s easy to miss. But, there are two ways to get there.

The first is by turning down Leverett Avenue in Kentville.


Watch for the Ducks Unlimited hiking signs.


At the end of Leverett, when it turns right onto Klondyke, there is a sign and a path. Follow this, and it will take you to the bridge where you can enter the marshlands.

IMG_5655You can also use these directions if you are following the rail trail. When you come to this junction, you are on Leverett. Turn right to enter this same path opening.


The second way to enter Miner’s Marsh is off Cornwallis Street. Turn down beside the County of Kings Municipality building.


Follow this to the back of the parking lot, and you will see the trail entrance.


Don’t miss out on this gem in downtown Kentville. It’s close, yet you will feel so far away!


Photo courtesy of Twin Bridges Photography


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