Mialisia Jewelry Review by Valley Family Fun

MiaLisia – Just Two Little Hooks!

*I received a piece of jewelry to review for this blog post*

“It’s so versatile”
“I love your necklace”
“The shininess caught my eye immediately”
“Can we have a party?”

I love to wear fun jewelry. Anything with a sparkle that catches my eye is fair game. So, when Deborah Chapman asked me if I wanted to come over to check out the new line of Mialisia jewelry, I jumped at the chance!

Here’s what the website says: “Mialisia is a direct-sales jewelry company that specializes in VersaStyle™ jewelry. Our interchangeable jewelry converts into dozens of different looks and styles to provide convenient options and incredible value to today’s busy woman.

Here’s what I say: Mialisia is a really fun and creative new style of jewellery! You aren’t just buying one piece, you are buying tons!

When I went to Deborah’s house to look at the jewellery and pick out a piece that I might like to wear, it was a bit overwhelming as there were so many choices! I wanted them all! To help you make your decision, flip through the catalogue.

When you go through the Mialisia catalogue, the jewellery is all divided by style. These styles include vibrant, chic, spirited, refined, charming, and adorable. They help to narrow down your search. If I had to make a choice, my favourite collections are adorable and refined.

To begin your jewellery collection you really need to get one longer piece and one shorter piece. They will work together to make literally hundreds of different styles. The catalogue will show you some great combinations or make your own.

I started with Spun Sugar (long) and Clearly Classic (short). I wore them every day for several weeks, and each week I put them together differently. Below is a slideshow of some of the ways that I wore them. They can be worn as a layered necklace, a choker, a bracelet, an anklet, even a headband or cute lanyard…the possibilities are endless!

To get ideas of how to wear them, I looked in the catalogue, I watched YouTube videos, Googled ideas, or came up with some on my own.

The great thing about Mialisia jewellery is that it is made with a hook on each end. So, when you are creating the styles, you just hook them together. It is that easy!



Every time I wore the Mialisia jewellery, I got so many compliments. I would take it apart and show people how it all fit together.
“It’s so easy”
“I love it”
“How fun and versatile”.

I’m sure I could have sold it on the spot!

When I travelled to England, I took Mialisia with me and was able to take only two pieces, but “tons” of styles. It made for light packing and a great compliment to all my outfits!

I only had one issue with the Spun Sugar coming apart, but it was completely under warranty! I then changed to the Simplicity longer chain and was able to make more combinations with that!

To learn more about Mialisia or to host your own party (with tons of great rewards) to earn free jewellery and amaze your friends, contact Deborah Chapman. She is based out of Kentville, NS.

902-678-9903; deborahchap@gmail.com

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