Memory Lane Train Museum Middleton

Memory Lane Museum, Middleton

The Memory Lane Museum in Middleton has always been on my bucket list. Always with good intentions to go, we finally cracked down and made a morning of it!

Memory Lane Museum is located at 61 School St, Middleton in the old Middleton train station.


Here’s what the website says:
From the exhibits in our museum, you won’t find a more complete reference and experience of what the Dominion Atlantic Railway was, and the influence it still holds today for Nova Scotia.
Please, feel free to wander and experience the D.A.R. and bygone days of railroading through our site and museum. Plan a visit soon! We’ll be ready and waiting to serve you up some home-town hospitality as you browse through our extensive collection in the museum.


When you enter the museum, it is jam-packed with train artefacts. There are shelves full of old pictures, tools and train memorabilia.


The walls are covered in old uniforms and photographs. You are not sure where to look next!


But, you certainly can take a long time to look at everything.
There were also three volunteers on hand who were there to chat with us as we went through the museum.


The boys’ favourite part of the museum was that there is a model train that runs high up around the room, and another smaller model train set.


They also got a chance to try out some Morse code!


Daniel said he really liked the museum because it wasn’t very big, and there weren’t a lot of information signs to stand and read. You just looked.

Because it is a mostly look-only museum, and most of the displays are not behind glass, and there are many artefacts, the museum might not be appropriate for smaller children who like to touch everything. Be sure to ask first what can be touched!

Behind the museum there were trains for the kids to explore and bells to ring!

IMG_9041 IMG_9045

As with most museums, this one relies on donations to survive.

So, be sure to sign the guest book (for their statistics for funding) and leave a donation!

Plan for about 45minutes to an hour for your visit.


Perhaps combine this visit with a trip to the Annapolis Valley MacDonald Museum which is right down the road from Memory Lane Museum.

It is important to keep our local history alive and teach our children about life before them!

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