Medford Beach Sandstone Stacks

Medford Beach Sandstone Stacks


If I said it once on the walk, I said it a million times.

I cannot believe I have lived here all my life and have never been to the Medford beach to see the sandstone stacks before!

When you drive to Blomidon, you can often see these sandstone formations rising out of the Minas Basin. Then, I saw pictures on my friend’s Facebook page and knew we had to explore.


You must check the tide times before you go. It would be very easy to get trapped by the incoming tide. Go at low tide!

You can easily spend hours exploring these rock formations and taking hundreds of pictures!


How to Get There

The directions that were provided previously are through private land, and the farmer does not like people trespassing to get to the beach.

Therefore, your best bet is to go to Kingsport Beach and walk to the LEFT to get to the sandstone stacks.

This is 1.5 hours each way! CHECK THE TIDE TIMES! 




Valley Family Fun is not responsible for your hiking experience. Do so at your own risk and discretion.

Medford Beach is a place that you will want to explore throughout the entire year to see how it changes with weather.

Take a few hours to discover this natural beauty right here in the Valley!




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  1. Roxy5000
    Roxy5000 says:

    The one farther out is known as paddy’s island, and if I remember their is a no trespassing sign before the field at the y in the road, the tide does not come all the way in there, it is one amazing place

      • Roxy5000
        Roxy5000 says:

        A closer walk to it would be to go to medford beach just around the bend from it, it is land that has eroded away over time. Use to be a piece of land that was a cow pasture, from what I have heard

        • Cndy Middleton
          Cndy Middleton says:

          hi, it never used to be a problem to use the route you describe, but it is private property and too many are using it. Please follow Laura’s directions.


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