Maud Lewis Replica House in Digby

Maud Lewis Replica House, Digby


Maud Lewis is probably one of the best known folk artists in Canada.

Maude was born in 1903 in South Ohio, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia but she lived most of her life with her husband Everett Lewis in Marshalltown, Digby County, Nova Scotia.

Read a biography of Maud Lewis here.

On the site of where here house stood is now a replica house. It is the same size as her original house!


Everything was in one room, except for a sleeping loft above one end of the house.

The original house has been moved and is on permanent display at the Nova Scotia Art Gallery in Halifax.

At this site, there are also some beautiful gardens and several information panels telling Maud Lewis’ story.


My father grew up in Digby and met Maud Lewis many times. He would often come here to this house to buy rabbits from Maud’s husband, Everett.

Here, he tells the story of being in the original house (sorry about the wind!).



The Maud Lewis replica house and memorial site is located about 3 minutes past Exit 26 on Highway 101 in Marshall Town. It is on the right side of the road, heading towards Digby.

It is open year round. There is no admission.

It takes about 15 minutes to fully visit the site and read the panels.

The next time you are going to or by Digby, take time to stop to visit the Maud Lewis memorial site. See where great art was created!







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