Magic Writing

Magic Writing

How did you do that?
That is so cool!
It’s magical!
What supplies did you have to buy to make that?

Oh yeah! This activity is a huge hit, and it is embarrassing how easy it is!

White paper
White crayon
Water paints


On a piece of blank white paper, write a message with white crayon. This can be tricky, as it is hard to see what you are writing. Do it in bright light, and it’s a bit easier.


Give the child a paint brush and water paints. Paint over the paper with the water-coloured paints.
Wherever the crayon is, it will come through white. Then, you will be able to read the message.


I usually write a message about where the kids’ snack is hiding! They love a good hunt!


We also used this idea for my son’s Harry Potter Birthday party. I hid the treat bags around the house, and gave each child a message (brought in by a stuffed owl) as to where their treat bag was hidden!

Try this activity. Trust me. You’ll look so cool, and you’ll be so happy how easy it is to do!


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