Lunenburg Fishery Museum of the Atlantic

Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, Lunenburg

**Disclosure: our family received a NS Museum pass for free so that we could tour about the province and talk about our experiences**

When I told the kids that we were going to the museum at Lunenburg, first they thought I meant Louisbourg (where we visited last summer)

Once I explained that that we were going to the Fisheries Museum in Lunenburg, they were equally as excited.

“I love that place!”

We went to the Fisheries Museum 2 years ago and the kids still remember our visit. We had a friend staying with us so we decided to go here on a day trip.



Here’s what the website says

The Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic provides the ultimate waterfront experience, in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

While at the Museum, you experience life in a fishing community and discover, up close, life at sea.


Explore our magnificent aquarium and wharf-side vessels. Make your way to the Ice House Theatre, where films are shown throughout the day. Browse at your leisure or take a guided tour. Come rain or shine, relax and enjoy! The entire family will enjoy their entertaining visit with us!




Next to the museum there is a parking lot where you can park all day for $4. You must have exact change to pay.


Our Day

We arrived at the museum first thing in the morning with our Museum Pass in hand. We were given bracelets to wear to show that we had paid admission. This way, we could come and go within the museum and also visit the displays at the wharf.

Thomas (7) picked up a picture scavenger hunt to complete during his visit.


The Fisheries Museum is one of the most interactive museums we have ever visited.

On every floor there are fun fish facts to explore. Lift the fish tab to learn something new!

IMG_0508 IMG_0509

On the ground floor there is an aquarium with fish native to Nova Scotia.


This is one of the kids’ favourite parts of the museum.
Or, maybe it’s because there is a squeegee in front of each tank that you get to use to clear away the fog!


Part of the exhibit includes a touch tank full of different sea creatures from the ocean.


The boys always love the dancing scallops!


My husband, the historian, was incredibly impressed with the museum.

As he puts it, the museum includes areas of the natural world as well as the fishing industry. In particular, he liked the 3rd floor of the museum which contains everything that supported the fishing industry, or was part of the fishing community from displays about rum running to rope making.

When you enter the museum there is a big white board to tell you what programs are happening that day.


We arrived in time for a talk on lobster lore, where we learned everything and more about lobsters!


The kids got to pat one, too!
This was another visit highlight!


Other programs includes talks and films. Make sure you go to at least one during your visit!

There are also things on every floor for the kids to play with, manipulate, touch and try.

This was so great for the kids, as they were happy not to have me yelling at them every 5 seconds to stop touching things!

They got to try on fishermen’s woolen clothes.


Play in a kiddie corner with books about the sea.


Build their names with nautical flags.


Weave using a loom.


Try rug hooking.


And sew on a bead for a provincial project where the names of the Halifax Explosion victims are being beaded as braille for a quilt!


After exploring inside the museum, we went to the wharf. Docked are several ships that you can climb aboard and explore.


This time, the Bluenose II was docked! We couldn’t board her, but got to see her up close!



Hours & Contact

Open 9:30 am – 5 pm daily until June 20, then we will be extending to 5:30pm
Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic
68 Bluenose Drive, Lunenburg

If you are heading to the South Shore, or looking for a fun and easy day trip, definitely add the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic to your list.

And, if you get hungry, our favourite place to go is across the street to Big Reds located in the old jail building.

IMG_0545 IMG_0549


After eating, because you have a bracelet, you can wander back to the museum to see the highlights again!

What a wonderful day exploring in Lunenburg!


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