Local Litterless Lunch List: Where to go in the Annapolis Valley to buy supplies for a litterless lunch

Local Litterless Lunch List: Where to go in the Annapolis Valley to buy supplies for a litterless lunch


Disclosure: This Local Litterless Lunch List is a way for local businesses and entrepreneurs to tell you where you can buy items to help make your child’s lunch garbage free. This means they are sponsored links. Please support these businesses as they have supported me in making this guide. 


Quite a few schools in the Annapolis Valley are encouraging litterless lunches. Read more about the movement and how and why schools are encouraging it in my column in the Advertiser

Sandwich Containers

When it comes to litterless packaging for school lunches, Tupperware often first comes to mind. 

Tupperware consultant Angela Baxter recommends the Sandwich Keeper. 

Our family has used the same sandwich keepers for the past 3+ years. We have a Mabel’s Label sticker on the top with each boy’s name, so they don’t get mixed up in the fridge. 


Cut lunch costs with reusable, hinged one-piece containers. Designed to fit easily into backpack, briefcase or purse, the container’s one-piece construction means no seals to keep track of or to get lost. Around the house or during travel, you’ll find dozens of additional storage uses for these handy helpers. Dishwasher Safe! 

Set of 2: $18. 

Angela Baxter, Tupperware Consultant 



Our family has gone through so many water bottles, trying to find one that didn’t leak all through the lunch box. Three years ago we switched to the Tupperware Water Bottles and have never looked back. You know it works when your then 6 year old comes home shouting for joy that his water bottle didn’t leak that day! We haven’t looked back. 
Drinking just a little more water throughout your day can make a real impact on your health, and doing so with durable, reusable bottles make the planet feel better, too. And they also make great gifts. Dishwasher safe. Fits in most car cup holders. Includes Easy Sipper cap.
Order yours from: Angela Baxter, Tupperware Consultant 


A must have in any lunch box is Tupperware’s snack cups! Perfect for all your snacks, dips, crackers and more!
Our family could not get by without these snack cups. I use them for everything from Goldfish to fruit so they won’t get smushed, to cupcakes to keep the frosting! 
Pro Tip: make puddings and Jell-o and pour them directly in the snack cups, the refrigerate for an easy grab-and-go snack. 
Litterless Lunch Options from www.ValleyFamilyFun.ca
Tupperware snack cups have a limited life time warranty.
Order from Tupperware consultant Jennifer Banks! 

Sometimes a snack bag is what you are looking for! 
Little Munchkin Designs creates homemade snack bags perfect for your child’s school lunch! 
Litterless Lunch Options
Price: Range from $4-$12
Size: Varying sizes.  Smallest is approx 3″X3″ and largest is approx 13″X13″ (and a couple other sizes in between).
Snack bags are made with a layer of PUL which makes them waterproof and a layer of cotton so your food isn’t directly touching plastic.  All washable, and hang dries really well.  Velcro for closure.
They come in lots of different prints and colours.  Selection will vary as the back to school season continues.
You can find Little Munchkins every Sunday until Oct 14th at the Windsor Farmers Market at Victoria Park from 10-2, and they will also ship anywhere in Canada (for a shipping fee pending on what is shipped).
Snack bags can be ordered through the Facebook page for Little Munchkin Designs. 
Litterless Lunches

Lunch Sets

Check out Tupperware’s stylin’ insulated lunch bag. Bold colors perfect for the season, and comes complete with a sandwich container and crystal wave microwavable dish!  The bag is a great size on it’s own, but if you need a bit more space just unzip the mid section and it expands! 
Local Litterless Lunch List with www.ValleyFamilyFun.ca
1 year warranty on the bag 
Limited life time warranty on the sandwich container and crystal wave dish. 
Order from Tupperware consultant Jennifer Banks! 

Wood ‘n Hive in Port Williams is a wonderful local honey operation in Port Williams that has started making beeswax food wraps which are perfect for litterless lunches! 
Litterless Lunches
I have one that I have used many times to wrap up my sandwich!  It’s easy to use, wipes down quickly and an eco-friendly way to pack my sandwich! 
In this video, Heather, one of the owners of Wood ‘n Hive, gives a great demonstration on how to use the beeswax wraps. 

With all the talk about litter-less lunches, there is a local, environmentally friendly option, made by one of our soon-to-be resource teachers at KCA – Heather Shaffelburg Crouse! Wood 'n' Hive honey shop in Port Williams (Starr's Point) makes beeswax cloths that are perfect for sandwich or snack bags. Watch this video of how to turn these honey-cloths into the perfect literless lunch box alternative!

Posted by Laura Churchill Duke on Saturday, September 1, 2018

These beeswax wraps come in 3 different sizes:  Small is 10×10 ($5), medium is 12×12 ($6) and the large is 14×14 ($7). 
Litterless Lunches
Wood ‘n Hive’s hours change based on the bee season, but are generally open Thursday to Sunday at 1284 Starr’s Point Road in Port Williams. Just look for the giant honey sign! 
Litterless Lunch
While you’re in there, try a sample of their honey, too! 

Absolutely Fabulous At Home in New Minas has a wide variety of items for litterless lunches that are appropriate for both adults and kids alike. 

These items come in a set with items that could be used for either a sandwich or snacks. 

Ziptuck™ lunch bags are food-safe, BPA and PVC-free, leak-proof and air-tight. Sold as a set of 2, one large flat bag for sandwiches or wraps, and the other a snack size that sits up on a gusseted bottom for easier snackability.

Hand wash, drip or wipe dry, and get ready to zip up some more food to go! Each pair is $12.99.

I just bought these for the boys’ lunches and they are a huge hit. The other kids comment on the cool emojis, and the boys can easily open and close them just like a ziplock bag. I fill them with crackers and other loose goodies everyday. Although one is technically a sandwich bag, I alternate who gets the bigger snack bag each day! 

Litterless Lunch

Abeego™ reusable beeswax food wraps are great for your lunch box. Similar to wax paper except you can wrap up a sandwich or a wrap, pack it, eat it, wipe the beeswax off and use it again, hundreds of times. Made in Canada, from organic cotton/hemp cloth, infused with beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil.
Each wrap will last for about a year with regular use. When you are all done, compost it. Available in multi-packs of various sizes for $19.99.


Now Designs snack bags are another pair of reusable bags for sandwiches and snacks. Certified food-safe, the bags are made of patterned cotton with lead-free, BPA-free moisture proof lining.

Hand or machine wash and hang to dry. The pair sells for $16.99.

Litterless Lunch

OXO Good Grips has an On-the-Go lunch container with separate compartments. Pack a salad into the bottom, put a sandwich on the trap, snap it over the salad to make it leak-proof. Snap the see-through lid over the sandwich and pop the whole thing into a backpack or briefcase.

It can be used in a microwave and is dishwasher safe for $19.99.

On-the-Go silicone squeeze bottles (set of 2 for $12.99) are perfect for salad dressing on the side.

Absolutely Fabulous at Home is located at 8927 Commercial St. in New Minas. Learn more on their website. 

Please shop local when getting your litterless lunch supplies! 


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