Liscomb Lodge and Liscombe River Trail with

Liscombe Lodge and Liscomb River Trail

Liscombe Lodge and Liscomb River Trail

Liscomb Lodge and Liscombe River Trail with

Disclosure: Our family received a special rate to stay at Liscomb Lodge as part of our blog series on the Eastern Shore. All opinions are our own. 

When our family decided to make a trip to Sherbrooke Village on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, everything just fell into place to make for the perfect mini-vacation! 

Because Sherbrooke Village too far from the Annapolis Valley to do a day trip, we had to stay over night in the area. We also wanted to take our dog with us as he was frequently being left behind in the kennel. 

Our research showed that not only was Sherbrooke Village dog-friendly, but so was nearby Liscombe Lodge! 

Located only 20 minutes from Sherbrooke Village, along the beautiful Route 7 along the coast, it was the perfect location! 

Besides, my sister had stayed there years ago for her honeymoon, and it was a place I always wanted to check out! 

I’m glad we did! 

Liscomb Lodge and Liscombe River Trail with

Digby was not going to be left behind on this trip!

Here’s what their website says: 

Our Nova Scotia resort offers the best in rest, relaxation and nature. We’re situated along the tranquil Liscomb River, perfect for your next Nova Scotia family vacation. With Nova Scotia hiking trails, complimentary outdoor activities and an indoor heated pool, Liscombe Lodge is one of the best summer family resorts.


Although we only stopped overnight at Liscombe Lodge, there is so much to do there for much longer, regardless of the weather or your age! 

Liscomb Lodge and Liscombe River Trail with

Complimentary activities at Liscombe Lodge include:

  • Indoor pool
  • Tennis court, racquets and balls
  • Outdoor shuffleboard
  • Washer toss
  • Basketball hoop
  • Outdoor giant chess game
  • Hiking trails
  • Wadd’s Library – enjoy board games or reading under the sun
  • Bicycles available for use on main roads of the property
  • Fishing
  • Sea kayaking
  • Outdoor table tennis­
  • Horseshoes, croquet, and bocce
  • Canoes and kayaks
  • Bird watching

Liscomb Lodge and Liscombe River Trail with

Because it was starting to rain and we had the dog who wouldn’t leave our side, we spent most of the evening in the lounge playing board games, with a great view over the river! 

Liscomb Lodge and Liscombe River Trail with

We also spent a long time relaxing in the pool – which is heated! There are pool toys and flotation devices for young ones, too! 


Liscombe Lodge has a wonderful restaurant and pub right on site. If you book one of their packages, meals usually come with it. 

There are no amenities nearby where Liscombe is located. Sherbrooke is 20 minutes away and has several restaurants, so eating at the lodge is your best option. 

Again, because we had the dog who we couldn’t leave behind in the room (he would have howled incessantly!) we got take out from the pub and ate in the lounge while playing board games

Liscomb Lodge and Liscombe River Trail with

There is a great buffet for breakfast, too! And, it was nice to have a cup of coffee watching the birds at the feeder and looking over the river! 

Liscomb Lodge and Liscombe River Trail with


The Lodge is definitely pet friendly! Just ask for a pet-friendly room, or book a pet-lovers package!

Dogs are allowed in most buildings (besides the restaurant and pool) and are also allowed to roam off leash if they are able! 

A nice added bonus is the treats in the main lodge! 

Liscomb Lodge and Liscombe River Trail with

Liscomb River Trail

As soon as I saw a picture of the suspension bridge over the falls on Liscomb River, I knew we needed to hike there. 

This hike starts and ends by Liscombe Lodge. 

Liscomb Lodge and Liscombe River Trail with

Here’s what Tourism Nova Scotia says about the trail: 

Liscomb River Trail (9.6 km)
The sound of water rushing over rocks and the warmth of the sun radiating off massive boulders left by the ancient glaciers will put you in touch with nature. The trail includes a suspension bridge that overlooks a waterfall and the nearby fish ladder, which was constructed to help restock Atlantic salmon. The ladder is formed by 15 pools separated by concrete weirs. The Liscomb River salmon-run begins the first two weeks in June and ends in late October, and peaks in July before the water warms.
Liscomb Lodge and Liscombe River Trail with
Our family hikes a lot and spends a lot of time in nature, so the 9.6km hike did not scare us.
Somewhere along the way, however, my husband read that this trail was marked ADVANCED. Normally, this doesn’t scare us either, as we are good hikers and times are overestimated. 
This trail is definitely advanced! 
Liscomb Lodge and Liscombe River Trail with

There are a lot of swampy areas (that could do with a TON of boardwalks) that you scale across logs. You also scramble around rocks and roots as you wind your way to the suspension bridge. 

If you hike this trail, make sure you are wearing actual hiking books (not sneakers) – you need sturdy footwear. Take lots of water, and be prepared for a slippery, wet (especially if it has rained recently like it had for us) challenging hike.  

Liscomb Lodge and Liscombe River Trail with

It took us 3 hours to hike out and back. 

The views at the bridge were incredible, and I’m glad we made it there! 

Liscomb Lodge and Liscombe River Trail with

There is a logging road on one side of the trail that our GPS map showed us went right to the area. Ask about walking this logging road as a point-to-point rather than walking the trail. ASK though, because we are not sure if this is possible. 

Better yet, our family agrees to skip the hike, and instead enjoy the views of the beautiful river by canoe or kayak which you can borrow from free from the lodge if you are a guest. 

Liscomb Lodge and Liscombe River Trail with


Make your next destination to the Eastern Shore, staying at Liscombe Lodge. It’s a beautiful location with so much to do onsite, and close to other great activities, too! 

Take in a new area of beauty in Nova Scotia! 

Liscomb Lodge and Liscombe River Trail with



While you are in the area, consider a day at Sherbrooke Village, only 20 minutes away! 

Get the most out of your visit to Sherbrooke Village, NS, by taking part in the Discoverer Program by

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