Learning through Art

Young Picassos

Learning Through Art

There is nothing better than a messy craft activity. For us, that’s getting out the paint set. Over the last year, we have been doing some fun art projects with an added educational component. Here are a few ideas to try at home.

  1.  Learn about Michelangelo: Let the kids know that Michelangelo was more than a Ninja Turtle! Did you know that it took Michelangelo approximately four years to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome? Although Michelangelo didn’t technically lie on his back to paint the ceiling, he often had to bend backwards and paint over his head — an awkward position.

Learning through Art with ValleyFamilyFun.ca

Learning through Art with ValleyFamilyFun.ca

Have the kids recreate this sensation by taping a piece of paper to the underside of a table. Lay out the paints and have them create a masterpiece and see how difficult it is!

Learn more about Michelangelo here

2. Painting with the senses: I set out paper and paints for the boys and then blindfolded them. They had to paint a picture without looking. It was really fun for them to see what they came up with.

Learning through Art with ValleyFamilyFun.ca

3. Body painting: If you are willing to let the kids get a bit messy, then let the kids experiment with how it would be for artists who don’t paint with their hands. Let them mouth paint by only using a paintbrush between their teeth. Or, put a piece of paper on the floor at let them paint with their feet.

Learning through art by ValleyFamilyFun.ca

You never know where painting will lead and how messy it will get! Remember, it’s all part of the creative process; you can always hose them down in the tub later!

Learning through Art with ValleyFamilyFun.ca

It’s amazing what creativity can happen when you just leave the art supplies out.

When the children were small, I kept a sketch pad and package of crayons or markers in their seat pouches. During every long drive, the boys would automatically pull it out and create!

Now that they are older, they love to watch YouTube video of how to draw different things, or we also have a stack of books along the same theme.

Let their imaginations draw wild!


What painting projects have you done with your kids? Leave me a suggestion.



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