Kick the Can

How to Play Kick the Can


When we were growing up we literally played Kick the Can every single night in the summer.

Between 15-20 kids would show up in our backyard every night and we would have epic games. It was the highlight of our youth, and some of our best memories are playing this game.

When my son had his 10th birthday party with a bunch of boys over, I thought it was the right time to introduce the game to the next generation.

And, they loved it!

They wanted to play it all night long, and when they woke up at 6am the next morning from their sleepover, they wanted to play it again!


Click here for the best instructions on how to play the game.


Point to Ponder

This game is best played with youth aged 8+

You need at least 6 people to play to make it fun.

We use a milk jug or an apple cider plastic jug for our can.

The game is also called “Kick the Bucket” so others might know it by that name.


Whatever you call it, whatever you use, this is one of the best summer games! Enjoy!



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