Kentville Research Station Nature Trail

Kentville Agricultural Station Nature Trail

The research station.
The Kentville Agricultural Centre.
Call you what you like, but don’t miss out on this incredible trail!

Owned by the government, in behind this Federal building is an incredible trail that not too many people seem to know about. Please take the time to discover it!


The History

In 1910, two hundred and fifty acres of land were purchased by the Province for the Station. In 1911 the property was taken over by the Federal Government.
Today, the Research Centre is one of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s 19 national research centres. The Centre’s addresses problems throughout the Canadian horticultural and food system, focuses on the regional needs of Atlantic Canada.

The Trail

When we were kids, you used to be able to start the trail at the lower parking lot by the road. Park, and follow the trail along the wooden fence.


You will come to a swampy dead end. There is talk of reconnecting this trail with a board walk, but for now, don’t risk it.

It’s about a 5 minute walk before you come to the dead end. So, if that’s all you want to do, explore this jaunt. However, I would recommend skipping this section and driving up to the upper parking lot.

Drive up the road and pass the research station.

IMG_5420There is a sign at the end of the building pointing the way up to the picnic park.



Follow the road to the left up the hill, until you reach the parking lot at the top.
There is a big field here.


We often come here to fly kites. Look in the trees. You can probably see many kites we have lost here!
There is also a big sheltered picnic area at the top that is wonderful for family picnics or group events. Phone (902) 678-1093 to book for large events (phone number subject to change).


Follow the paved path to the back right of the picnic area.


There are a few indoor washrooms.

To the right of the washrooms is where the trail begins.


The Trail

Distance: 2 km
Estimated walking time: 30 Minutes
Difficulty level: Moderate

There is a steep climb down the hill into the ravine.

Once you are at the bottom of the hill, turn to the right and follow the trail. (If you turn to the right, it will come to a dead end – this is where the two paths used to connect, and may again in the future).


The path along the bottom is about 2km and takes about 20 minutes until it ends uphill at a beautiful waterfall.

The trail is well groomed and is easy for strollers (just the hill at the beginning is tricky).

Dogs on leashes are welcome.


Every June since 1967, the Research Station has selected a Sunday for the public to come and view the wide display of rhododendrons and azaleas. Although these Sundays haven’t happened for a few years, be sure to visit in June and spend some time walking around the pond and looking at the flowers.

There are many friendly faces in the pond.


Don’t get too close. Both my sister and my son, Thomas, fell in the pond at the age of 3 from leaning in too far to look at frogs!

It’s also a popular spot for wedding and prom pictures.



The Research Station is located in the “gully” between Kentville and New Minas on Route 1. Watch for the big black sign at the side of the road and follow it to the top of the hill.





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