KartSTART presented by Toyota

KartSTART presented by Toyota


Disclosure: We received a free ticket for this event in exchange for a review. Would you seriously turn down this opportunity for your kid? All opinions are our own.

Early adoption of safe driving habits puts future drivers on the right track. That’s the aim of the KartSTART program.

“I’m going to get half my license today!” Daniel, 10, was so excited to go Go-Kart driving today, he was nearly jumping out of his skin! He even wore his Mario KART shirt to get ready.


Here’s What the Website Says

KartSTART presented by Toyota is a unique family driving education program that is designed to give teenagers and their families a true – real-world – understanding of the physics behind driving a motorized vehicle.

Our half-day course gives youngsters – 10 years and older – a driving experience in vehicles that fit them… go-karts.

Our driving experience includes: Professional Racing Kart, Qualified Instructors, Use of Snell approved Helmet, Use of CIK Racing Suit, Safety Driving exercise for the whole Family and a Catered Lunch. That’s a $250 value for only &79 + HST.

About our Day

Upon arrival we were treated to a pizza buffet. Friends who went the day before told us to go a few minutes early so there would be time to eat before suiting up.


Then, each of the drivers were given a suit


and a helmet before they were walked through the basics of how to drive the go-karts.


The entire session was completely safety orientated. Drivers learned hand signals from the coaches, they learned what to do in they “spin out”, and how to drive responsibly. It was VERY impressive. 


“Now I know how a Storm Trooper Feels!”

From there, the drivers were taken out in groups to the racetrack. For us, we were at the Scotia Speedworld across from the airport in Halifax. We’ve been here lots of times for Monster Jam, but this was Daniel’s first time to be on the track!


One-by-one, each of the drivers were individually coached, and they were given a chance to test the brakes, and gain confidence.


Then, the drivers were divided into groups, by what appeared to be by age and ability. There were a few adults grouped together, and Daniel was with the youngest set of youth.

An instructor leads the group around the track, while other instructors are going by on ATVs to give advice and to make sure everyone is safe.

Each group stayed within their ability and comfort level, each going a different speed. Daniel was so nervous, he said at first, because he didn’t know what to expect.

To calm himself down, he reminded himself of a Spongebob episode where apparently, one of the characters is taking a driving test and says,

“Keep your eyes on the road. There is only the road.”


He also wrote a haiku to prevent him from getting nervous:

Driving a go-kart

at Toyota’s fun KartSTART

I am driving well.


Drivers get 2 15-minute sessions on the go-karts. The second time round, Daniel was a pro! He knew what to expect, they could go much faster, and he was so confident.

“I loved that so much!”

Other Fun Things


Also on site was a Virtual Reality program in one of the Toyota cars so you could learn about some other safety features.


And of course, he loved getting a certificate, printed photos and a swag bag for the day! I think it was the perfect recipe for a perfect day!

The Fun isn’t Just for Adults

To make it a full family affair, the adults got to cash in on the fun, too. I know my husband was feeling a bit jealous that he didn’t get to drive a go-kart!

The families that attend our kartSTART program are mentored in the latest safety developments in road cars. We exclusively use Toyota – well known for their commitment to safety – vehicles to demonstrate the safety systems contained within the vehicles. This gives the entire family a better understanding of how to make the most out of the STAR safety systems available to them in Toyota passenger vehicles.

Our goal at kartSTART is two things. Firstly, to give young drivers their first experience behind the wheel. Secondly, to give the entire family a better understanding of current STAR safety systems available from Toyota. Find out more about the Toyota Star Safety systems at www.toyota.ca


There were several Toyota cars on site for us to test. Being a boring family, we decided to test the Toyota Sienna. I’m really glad we did. What a great car! Video system, heated bum seats, and not too many buttons. Everything I like!


We even got to try the brake system with their professional drivers. As Daniel says, WOW!

Book Now

KartSTART happens from coast to coast across Canada.

Find a location near you.

The cost for the $250 value is $79 (subject to change).

The KartSTART program by Toyota is a wonderfully fun day worth checking out. You might not get half your driver’s license, but you do get a great experience and a chance to have a whole lot of fun!




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