In-Home Spa Parties

In Home Spa Party – Best Girls’ Day Ever!

I am lucky to boast that I have the best group of girlfriends, ever. We are an eclectic group with various backgrounds and life situations, which makes for ever-exciting and fun times together.

This year, for each others’ birthdays, we decided to do something together rather than buy each other presents.

With my birthday being this week, it was my turn to choose.

That’s when Kathy Gammon from O’Natural Spa Treatment in Port Williams came to mind. Kathy is an esthetician with a shop in her home (with the most incredible massage chairs in the world!).

One time when I was having a treatment, Kathy told me about how she takes her shop on the road for in-home appointments and parties. I was hooked on the idea!

My friend Jennifer graciously agreed to host. We set up a buffet of nibblies, wine and punch and we were ready to start.

Kathy brought her traveling esthetician kit and set up in the living room. We had a roster where we all signed up for our appointment, and moved through the list like an assembly line. While one person was having their toes painted, the next person was doing their pre-soak.

With eight girls, at half-an-hour each, it took about 4 hours for us all to have a pedicure. It was one of the most relaxing afternoons I’ve had in a long time, and a great way to catch up with friends. To top it off, Kathy only charges $25 each!


If you’re looking for an idea for a girls’ birthday party, this would be a great one, too!

For anyone in the Wolfville-Berwick area, Kathy Gammon’s O’Natural Spa Treatment can be reached at 902-698-1600 or at

For everyone else, try contacting some local estheticians to see if someone would be willing to come do an in-home spa party.

I highly recommend it for an afternoon of relaxing and enjoying the company of friends!

What fun activities do you do with your friends?

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