Heustis Beach


Heustis Beach, Annapolis Valley

I have lived in the Valley for pretty much my entire life and had never heard of Heustis Beach!

Some people call it Heustis, others call it Houston. No one seems to know which one, as it isn’t signposted. We all agree that it’s a great beach!

Many of my friends were posting pictures from their adventures there, so I knew we had to check it out.

Heustis Beach is a lovely red rocky/sandy beach near the base of Blomidon. It’s a great place for a bonfire, or to swim in the Minas Basin.


Because it is lesser known, there are fewer people there.


Before you go, you must check the tide times.
Enter Cape Blomidon into your search.

Even at the highest tide, there is still a small beach area, and several tidal pools to explore.


The tide goes out (or comes in) very quickly, so be aware!

When we were there, the kids discovered some muddy banks and had fun sliding into the water below!

IMG_1200 IMG_1211

Things to Know

    • Wear old clothes/bathing suits and bring old towels. The red mud stains.


  • There is no shade.



  • There are no bathroom facilities.



  • Plan for the trip home. You will be muddy, dirty, and perhaps smelly if the kids are playing in the mud. So bring some old blankets or towels for the car!



Remember, this is what being a kid in the Valley is all about!



How to get there

In true Valley-style, the directions I was given were as follows:

Drive towards Blomidon until you get to an old green barn. Turn before you get to the new green barn.
And they were right!

Drive to Canning.
Turn left onto Pereau Road that leads to Blomidon.
Pass Delhaven and the fishing wharf.


Further on the right, you will come to an old green barn.


There is a cross road with a street sign, opposite Stewart Mountain Road.


At the far side of the intersection there is a newer green barn.


Turn right down this road.
Park at the end and let your adventure begin at Heustis/Houston’s Beach!


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