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Tannery Hollow Nature Trail, Greenwich
Hennigar’s Farm Market

The Tannery Hollow Nature Trail is a wonderful trail that can easily be done in all seasons.

I first discovered this trail 2 years ago and walked it in the spring with my then 4-year old son. On that adventure, we followed one butterfly almost the length of the trail!

To get to the trail head, head towards the area where the animals are, and back towards the play area.


The entrance is at the back, well signposted.


The trail is 2.5KM and passes through a wooded ravine, over a stream, and around a farmer’s field. Parts of the trail are close to the edge or require that you use a rope to climb the hillside.


Because of this, the trail is NOT stroller friendly, or easy for small children (under 4) to manoeuvre.


However, if you can, it is worth the walk! The scenery is beautiful, and it is hard to believe that this hidden gem is tucked away behind the farm.


The trail is extremely well signposted. It meanders through the woods until you come to the field. You walk most of the perimeter of the field before cutting back into the woods onto the same trail that took you there.


However, we decided to keep following the farmer’s road, and we ended up near the starting point of the trail.


In winter, with more snow, this would be a great trail to snowshoe!

Dogs should be kept on a leash.
A donation box is at the entrance to help with trail maintenance.

This is a wonderful trail, a good length, with great scenery to do with children aged 4+.

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