Halifax Virtual Reality by www.ValleyFamilyFun.ca

Halifax Virtual Reality is Family Fun

Halifax Virtual Reality is Family Fun

Halifax Virtual Reality by www.ValleyFamilyFun.ca

**Disclosure: Our family received a free pass in exchange for this blog post. We are so excited to share another local business and family adventure with everyone. All opinions are our own.*

“I could have done that all day long!”

I have to admit, we really didn’t know what we were getting in to when we booked our virtual reality session in Halifax. 

My friend Heather had messaged me, asking if I knew anything about it, and she was thrilled when she could share something new with me! She took her family recently, and they loved it so much, they couldn’t wait to tell us about it. 

If we didn’t know about it, we figured lots of other Valley families wouldn’t know about it, either! So, we took one for the team and went to do some investigative reporting. 


Make a Booking

Before you go, you need to book a session. You can’t just walk in and play. You need to plan ahead. There are 2 rooms and a cancellation list, so it’s easy to make a reservation! 

Book online here

Halifax Virtual Reality by www.ValleyFamilyFun.ca

How it Works

When you arrive, the incredibly friendly and helpful staff greet you and start by going over the safety rules. (You need to make sure you stay within the grid you can see in your glasses, and, if you aren’t playing, don’t step into the play area.)

Then, we got down to business and started playing. We had booked a 2-hour session, which meant that each of us could play for 30 minutes. 

Halifax Virtual Reality by www.ValleyFamilyFun.ca

It was just as much fun watching the other people play as it was to play! 

For those who don’t like waiting, there is an iPad with Netflix on it to watch, or parents are able to leave their children there while they play, too… or some have been known to have a nap on the couch! 

Daniel went first. He had played recently at Acadia at a conference he attended, at which the owner had set up a booth. He was our resident expert and jumped right into playing the game he had played there. 

The rest of us began with an intro video where you are underwater with a whale. They like to see how you do with the motion and how you react to the objects, so they can best judge what games you might enjoy. 

Halifax Virtual Reality by www.ValleyFamilyFun.ca

Throughout our 30-minute slot, we got to try different games. They had us perfectly pegged.

Daniel (11) did archery, played with Star Wars light sabers and shot down space aliens. Thomas (9) spent the entire time playing an auto mechanics game where he could rip cars apart and throw things around the room. It was a dream come true where he could be so destructive and not get in trouble or have things to clean up!  

Watch him


Halifax Virtual Reality by www.ValleyFamilyFun.ca

I was worried that I might get motion sickness, but it didn’t happen at all! 

I started with being in the trailer for IT and then climbed Everest with the most incredible photography. I thought that I might give some of my time back to the boys, but then I discovered a game where I could shoot zombies, and I was in my element. 

Halifax Virtual Reality by www.ValleyFamilyFun.ca

“That didn’t feel like 30 minutes! It felt like 10 minutes!” 

David wasn’t sure he was going to try it, giving the boys his time, too, but he was quickly convinced and loved shooting the zombies just as much as I did! 

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The time flew by, and we laughed our heads off, and had one of the most fun afternoons we had had in a long time! 

Watch Daniel get into the action.

The whole time, we had an attendant with us to help give us tips, teach us how to get the most of the game, and change it when we wanted to try something new. It was a complete personal experience and totally enhanced our playing. 


Birthday Parties

In a birthday party package, they offer two VR rooms, two attendants, 
and use of the kitchen during and after your booking for $125 plus tax.  (STC)

This gives you each room for two hours and can entertain up to 8-10 guests. Each VR room also has its own sitting area and flat screen to follow along with the VR action.

What a deal! 


Halifax Virtual Reality by www.ValleyFamilyFun.ca


Costs are subject to change, but currently are $29.99 for a 1 hour group booking or $59.99 for a 2 hours group booking or $84.99 for a 3 hour group booking. There are also rates for single players.

If you are going with a family, you will definitely need a 2-hour slot so everyone has a chance to play, and the time flies by so quickly! 

Halifax Virtual Reality by www.ValleyFamilyFun.ca


Halifax Virtual Reality Rooms is located at 3600 Kempt Road, Halifax in an office suite above Etc. 

Halifax Virtual Reality by www.ValleyFamilyFun.ca

If you are looking for a great family fun time, definitely give Halifax Virtual Reality a try. There are games for all ages and experiences, and will make you want to keep going back for more! 

Learn more and book today!

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