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Guide to Marketing Your Mattress Company Online

Guide to Marketing Your Mattress Company Online

Top Mattress Brands Marketing


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post that provides you some great tips about online marketing. 

Online marketing done right opens a lot of new doors for almost any type of company but if you’re in the mattress selling industry, you may not see its relevance from the start.

This happens because we all have that idea of a huge showroom with all sorts of mattresses laid out ready to be tested by customers. Still, the world of mattress selling has changed drastically in the last few years and nowadays, it’s absolutely normal to shop online for the mattress you want, especially here in Canada.

Now, even if  your store doesn’t support online shopping, your company can still benefit from online marketing as  many people search online first and only after they find the information they need, they visit the store.

So, even if your store features the best brands on the market, if you don’t put your business on the map with online marketing, you will lose part of your sales. If you feel like online marketing may be too expensive or outside your reach, take a look at the guide below. You’ll see there’s nothing to fear.


Find Out What People Want

The best way to sell something is to find out if people need it and how. In the online environment you can do this by following social media and other platforms where people like to discuss things naturally.
You just have to listen, there’s no need to set up a strategy or pay a specialist to open accounts.
Actually, numbers show small businesses don’t do that well on social media because they don’t understand it correctly.

So yes, for a mattress company it may be a bad decision to invest in social
media, but this doesn’t mean you can’t use it. Have someone in your company follow specific groups of people that fit your target group and learn their complaints.

Once you know this, you can create a cheap but effective advertising campaign that hits right to the point.

Online & Offline Work Better Together

If you didn’t start as an online company, there’s no need to make the switch. There are still plenty of people who like to buy a mattress in the store, but they should learn about you when they go online looking for information.

So, it will be enough to start with a Google My Business listing and post your company’s information on various sites that promote local businesses. If you already have a site that takes orders online, make sure to include it in the marketing campaign, but don’t give up your brick and mortar store in the hope that online business will pick up.

After all, it looks like companies that base their sales only on online shopping may actually be losing money.

The perfect marketing strategy is a combination of online and offline with the mention that people should be able to find you online.

SEO is Important

In order for your company and products to show up in online search results, you need to implement a well-designed SEO strategy. If done right, your target customers should see you when they look for various pieces of information related to mattresses.

AdWords and Email Marketing

While they are not as flashy as social media campaigns, these are solid strategies that work and bring more people into your store. Even more, both strategies are affordable and don’t require too much professional supervision.

So, if you have a sale or any type of event, ask for people’s emails – these are valuable to you as a company because you’ll send the promotional message directly to their Inbox.

Still, try to be reasonable and respect your customers’ privacy. In online marketing, just like in life, it’s important to find balance in your actions.


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