Grand Pre National Historic Site


Grand Pre National Historic Site

**Disclosure: I received a family pass in exhchange for this blog post. All opinions are our own. My aim is to encourage more families to become tourists in their own backyards**

Upon driving past the Grand Pre National Historic Site earlier in the summer, I realized I had never taken the kids to the museum. In fact, we had never talked about the history of the Acadians, nor the expulsion of 1755.

I am also embarrassed to say that since the new interpretation site was built, I had only been once to the centre. As children, we often went to the park for a picnic, wandered the site, and needless to say, one of us always fell in the pond reaching for a frog (usually my sister).

I realized that the boys were old enough to learn this important part of our local history.


Before our visit

Before going to Grand Pre, we talked a lot about the Acadians and the wars with the British. We told them that they built the dykes (where we walk the dogs) and showed them the reclaimed fields.

On our way to the Historic site, we stopped at the new historic view point at the top of Old Post Road where there is an incredible view of Grand Pre.


Then, we followed the signs to Horton Landing which took us to a memorial site from where the Acadians were shipped off in boats, and also where the New England Planters arrived.


All of this preparation was nice for the boys, but not necessary, as all of this is wonderfully explained at the museum!


Our visit

Daniel (9) helped write this section about our visit.

When we arrived at the Museum, we got our Xplorer books.
The Xplorer program, designed for children aged 6 to 11 and their families, encourages discovery through fun and recreational activities.


The Xplorer was full of activities and places you had to go and look up or do things within the Museum. At the end if you did 5 pages, you got an Xplorer necklace tag.




Guided Tour

The museum tour was about 45 minutes long. Maddie, our tour guide, took us through the museum. She talked about the history of Acadie (or Nova Scotia). She showed us how the French Acadians made the dykes.


We also went to the Church to see the statue of Evangeline and heard her story. “Chirpy” our library friend came, too!


What I liked the best about the tour was that I learned how to make salt on the marshes and dykes.

I liked dressing up in the old-fashioned Acadian clothes. I think it would be hard to wear these clothes every day because they are hard to get on!


Then we went to the blacksmith shop. We played a game with a wooden wheel. It was really hard!


This tour is best suited for children aged 6 and older so they can understand the stories and the history.



At the end of our tour, we watched a 20-minute video about the history of the Acadians. I liked how they had different characters talking on both sides of the screen.


This video can be watched before or after your visit to the museum. Daniel said that what was in the video solidified what he learned in the Museum, but would also act as a good introduction.


Hours of Operation

May 15 to October 12
Open daily from 9 am to 5 pm

Adult: $7.80
Youth: $3.90
Family pass: $19.60



The boys really liked going to the Grand Pre National Historic Site! The Xplorers activities made it really interesting. This really engaged the kids and helped them better understand the history of the Acadians.

Bring a picnic to have in the park, or just come and spend a few hours exploring.
There are so many hands-on activities for the kids that makes the Grand Pre National Historic Site a great place to visit with your family!




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