Glow in the Dark Mini Golf

Glow in the Dark Mini Golf: Putting Edge, Halifax

We were in Halifax looking for some family fun and the boys decided they wanted to play mini golf.
I had heard about a place in Bayers Lake that offered glow-in-the-dark mini golf.

The Putting Edge!

Here is what the website says:
We have taken the traditional game of mini golf, brought it indoors, turned down the lights and turned up the music to create a 18 hole fantasy land of vibrant color and surreal themes.


From the moment you walk through the front door, you have left the “real world” and have entered a world full of fun and imagination, an experience unlike any other. Whether six or sixty, male or female!


Putting Edge is perfect for that night out with the friends, with that special someone, or a fun-filled family outing. Take a break from reality, and visit Putting Edge today!

Our Experience

We weren’t really sure what to expect when we arrived at the Putting Edge. The boys cautiously opened the door, and everything was dark inside.

Not so dark that it was scary, or you couldn’t see where you were going. But, dark so everything glowed!


When you first step in, you walk through a glow-in-the-dark arcade.

Then, step up to the counter to get your putter and choose your glow-in-the-dark ball.

The coolest part was that everyone gets a glow-in-the-dark bracelet!


Once we entered the course, it was a magical land. Everything …. Wait for it… glowed in the dark! There were tropical scenes with palm trees and pirate treasure chests, Mayan statues and so much more. It was a magical wonderland!


At the beginning of each hole there are also trivia questions for both adults and kids to talk about while you wait for your turn.

The course weaved and wound throughout the building going upstairs and down. All the edges and steps are clearing marked, as is the course.
You do not feel scared or worried in the dark at all.

Near the end of the course, you end up high on a balcony, and get to watch your ball as it travels down the wall onto the course below. Try not to be excited about that!


The whole afternoon was magical and the most fun we’d had together in quite some time.

We would definitely go back, and highly recommend it to others who are looking for some family fun in the city.
Although a bit expensive (roughly $10 per person), it was totally worth it for a special afternoon!
It took us about 45 minutes to play the 18 holes with 4 people.


Also on site are 2 party rooms. They offer affordable party packages that include golf, party room and a party host.  Packages can come complete with pizza, drinks and mini golf.


Hours and Rates

GENERAL” (13 & over) – $10.50
“JUNIOR” (12 & under) – $8.50
•    Plus Applicable Taxes
•    Paid Admission Required To Enter Golf Course
•    Senior Rates Available
The hours of operation are here


The Putting Edge is located in Bayers Lake in the same parking lot as Chapters and East Side Marios.


Putting Edge Halifax
182 Chain Lake Drive Halifax
Nova Scotia Canada, B3S 1C5
Phone: (902) 450-0029
Fax: (902) 450-0344

The next time you are looking for some good-old-fashioned family fun, head to the Putting Edge in Halifax.

This is not a sponsored post. Our family just had a really great time and wanted to share it!


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