Glow in the Dark Balloons

Glow in the Dark Balloons

*Disclosure: We received a box of Nouwee party supplies to test with our family in exchange for a series of blog posts. All opinions are our own. Who doesn’t love to add a bit of fun to a party?*

“They are absolutely beautiful!”

This New Year’s Eve, our family celebrated with Glow-in-the-dark balloons from Nouwee.

Here’s what the website says
Did you know that balloons were first made out of intestines? But since the 20th century, people began to make it out of latex, which is way better in our opinion!

Now in the 21st century, NOUWEE brings you a light augmented balloon: the new generation of balloons! Use it to play with your kids, at your music show or just to decorate your party!

For our family New Year’s Eve party, we pulled out the balloons to give them a try.
They come in a package of 6, so each of us could pick a colour.

The balloons were so easy to use with only 2 steps.


Inside each one there is a plastic tab. Pull this out, and the glow mechanism starts.
Blow up the balloon (with either air or helium)


knot it, and PLAY!

We took ours outside to play on the deck in the snow. They were so beautiful in the night sky against the wind.


We did have a bit of trouble with them blowing on to the roof because of the windy night, but because they are weighted at the bottom, they always came back down. This just further added to the enjoyment.

The kids (not to mention the adults) had a lot of fun playing with the balloons.

“The balloons were crazy awesome!”
“It’s so weird that balloons glow in the dark.”
“It was very fun to use.”

And, the great thing is that the glow charge lasts up to 20 hours, so the kids were still able to play with the balloons the next evening!

IN FACT! 6 days later, our balloons are STILL glowing!

Product Qualities

•    LED light attached to the tip of the balloons
•    Box content: 6 different coloured luminous balloons
•    11 inches balloons made out of high quality latex
•    Plastic trigger to turn on the light
•    Can be filled with helium or air.
•    Colours: Blue, red, green, pink, white and yellow
•    Lasts at least 20 hours (brightest hours are the firsts)

Warning: Lighted balloons are normally really attractive to kids! Minimum suggested age to use the product of 8 years old and over or with adult supervision.

The next time you are having a night-time party, try adding the Nouwee balloons to your celebration. We think they’d be great for
–    New Year’s Eve
–    Camping trips
–    Sleep overs
–    Birthdays
Or just about any other celebration!

To learn more about these glow-in-the-dark balloons or other great products, visit the Nouwee website.

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