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10 Tips for Visiting Get Air Nova Scotia #‎getairsports‬

Top 10 Tips for visiting Get Air


“That was the best birthday I have ever had!”

So said Thomas on his 8th birthday after we took him to Get Air in Burnside, outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

“I absolutely loved it!”
“That was the best day ever!”

Needless to say, our family adventure to Get Air was well worth it!

What is Get Air?

Get Air is an international trampoline franchise. It is a giant warehouse that features wall-to-wall trampolines, along with slack lines, foam pits, a dodgeball court and long tumbling tracks!
It’s more fun than you can jam into one space!

Get Air Nova Scotia

We had heard so much about this newly opened business, that we knew we had to go and check it out for ourselves. Before we went, we gathered advice from friends who had been there before. These tips are a combination from a variety of people.

Tips for Going to Get Air

Fill out the online waiver before you get there.

Just fill out the form and complete the electronic signature at the bottom. This will be sent to their system. You can fill out minors under your own waiver.

If you don’t do this in advance, there are computers there where you can do it, but this way it is much faster. There is even a lineup only for people who have already filled theirs in. If the place is busy, waiting to fill in your waiver can take a long time.

Get Air Nova Scotia

2. Go on off times.

If you can go during an in-service or half day (for the Valley only), or arrive right after school, Get Air will be far less busy.

We arrived around 2:30pm on a Wednesday afternoon, and there were only 10 other people in the facility.
Friends of ours have gone on a weekend, or over Christmas break and it was much busier. Over Christmas, our friends had to wait 50 minutes just to get in! It’s well worth the wait, though.

Because it was so empty when we were there, the kids did not have to wait to jump, but could work the entire room at their leisure. It was also really easy to keep track of them.

Get Air Nova Scotia

3. Watch the safety video.

Get Air Nova Scotia

Before jumping you have to watch a safety video. Better yet, review it with the kids before you go. 

If you don’t jump properly, or pay attention to the rules, you can get seriously injured!

Get Air Nova Scotia

4. Buy socks.

If you are going to jump, you have to buy socks for $3.

Get Air Nova Scotia

You get to keep them and bring them back with you the next time. So, it’s a one-time investment.

5. You don’t have to jump.

I have a very bad ankle so there was no way I was going to jump, but I did enjoy watching. There are platforms all around the room, between each of the trampolines. Take off your shoes and roam around. If you are just watching, you do not have to buy the socks.

Get Air Nova Scotia

There are lots of benches to sit on, and even some massage chairs (that take credit cards).

6. Bring snacks and drinks.

There is not a canteen at the facility, and you will get very hot and hungry from all that jumping! Bring lots of snacks and drinks. There is a special eating area where you can go to have them.

Get Air Nova Scotia
7. Buy 2 hours.

Pretty much everyone said this. If the facility is busy, and after an hour you decide you want to upgrade, it will take some time to make this happen, as you have to line up again.

Bite the bullet and buy 2 hours right off the bat!

Besides, it’s a good deal.
First Hour – $17
Second Hour  – $8

When it was busy, the kids appreciated having the two hours, as some of the time is spent waiting for your turn. Even when it’s not busy, the kids loved not being rushed, and being able to take lots of breaks.

8. Listen to the announcements.

When you pay, you will get a coloured bracelet.

Get Air Nova Scotia

Every half hour, they will announce what colour bracelets must come off the floor, providing you with a chance to upgrade. Those who are just watching get a different colour, too. This way you don’t have to keep track of the time, just wait for them to call your colour.

9. Take little kids.

When we were at Get Air, there were some toddlers. There is a section just for those under 46”. It’s smaller and safer for them to be on their own. Kids of all ages can enjoy Get Air!

Get Air Nova Scotia

First Hour – $10
Second Hour  – $6

10. Book a party.

Why not host a birthday party here? Several packages are available.

Get Air was a great family afternoon! Even my husband had fun jumping, but he wisely only bought an hour’s pass.

Get Air Nova Scotia 

Although, he said he’d wished he could have bought a 10 minute pass, as it was so tiring!
What great exercise!

Hours, Price and Contact

Get Air is located at 612 Windmill Road in Burnside, Dartmouth.
It is about 1 hour away from the Valley.

Next door is a great restaurant called Cheese Curds. Be sure to check it out!

More details can be found here


Although a bit expensive for a family day out, it’s totally worth it as a special treat.

We will definitely be going back to Get Air for another special occasion!
Have a great family day out!

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