Flat Rock, Hantsport

Flat Rock

It all happened when a friend show me a picture on Facebook of a swimming hole near Hantsport. We had to find out more!

After contacting a high school friend who lives out that way, we got the goods, and headed to Flat Rock!

Flat Rock is a great place to spend a hot afternoon.
It’s a large brook with a rocky beach.


But, the main draw is a large rope swing tied to a towering tree.


Basically, you climb the rock pile, grab on, and swing for your life like Tarzan.

When we arrived, there were a few teenagers there who literally showed us the ropes.

The water in the middle of the brook is deep. It’s well over an adult’s head.
The rope is definitely strong, as I saw many adults swinging on it, too.

When we were there, the brook was full of all boys who were having a great time!

This place is great for all ages as there are shallow areas for small children to play and deeper areas for older children and adults.


Because it is so rocky, it is best if the kids wear water shoes or sandals.


How to get there

Take Highway 101 to Hantsport.
Take Exit 8.
At the stop sign, turn left towards the Town of Hantsport.
At the stop sign by the community centre (with the church in front of you) turn left onto Holmes Road.
This road eventually turns into Bog Road and goes over the highway. In fact, this is the spot where Freddie Wilson waves to the traffic on the highway!

A few minutes down the road, you will see a sign warning you of a narrowing bridge ahead.


Then, a Slippery When Wet Sign.


The entrance to Flat Rock is on the right between these two signs.
There is a gap in the trees, and you can see a metal bridge.


When you enter, you don’t need to go across the bridge. The beach area is immediately to your left. It is literally a 30 second walk.

Have fun and take lots of pictures!

In the Area

While you are there, head on down the road for less than 5 minutes, and you will come to the Akins Marsh and the Laurie Saulnier Memorial Trail. It’s a great walk, with several loop options, to do before you hit Flat Rock for a swim! 



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