Arriving in England

Arriving in England

Our Arrival

We arrived safe and sound in England on January 10, 2017. We flew from Halifax to London in about 5.5 hours and the most sleep anyone got was about 2 hours!

In our tired stupor we made it across the terminal, having to walk about 4km (according to my fitbit) to the train to take us to the next building for our connecting flight. We then flew to Manchester in the North where we were picked up in our own car by our brother-in-law, Paul.

It took us about an hour to drive to their home on the Wirral (near Liverpool). We are camped out here for the next few days.

The first night the boys had a family reunion with their cousins, and when it came time for bed, they fell asleep in about 30 seconds!

The next few days, we spent getting over jet lag and hanging out at the grocery stores where everything is new and exciting!

Did you know you can get wine and beer right in the grocery store?

This is the biggest bag of flour I could find (1.5kg). I think I would go through several of these in a week!

Food prices in the grocery store are cheap, especially milk and bread!

We are also looking forward to having a day dedicated to eating “sweets” and “crisps” to appreciate all the new flavours!

We are in England for a few days and then heading to Wales on the weekend to get settled there and begin our routine and schedule of home schooling and adventures!

Stay tuned!


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  1. Haley Lewis
    Haley Lewis says:

    Great post Laura! I feel for you on the jet lag factor. I’m still acclimatizing! Looking forward to more photos and news of your new adventures. Safe and happy travels!


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